• MacTalk Covers WWDC Keynote LIVE

    Text chat IS LIVE NOW: irc.foonetic.net #mactalk

    Live audio commentary IS NOW LIVE!

    Live text updates from the Moscone Center, starting 2:45AM - on this page here


    WWDC '09 is shaping up to be a biggun this year, with the rumours of a new iPhone and Snow Leopard, so MacTalk will be awake with you, provinding a live audio commentary, as well as a live text feed of the happenings from the Schillernote.

    The keynote itself starts at 3AM, Tuesday 9th June, but you can join us at 2:30AM, Tuesday 9th June (Melbourne time) for the start of our live audio commentary. It will be a 64k MP3 audio stream, so you can tune in on your iPhone or iPod Touch with the help of Fstream (should even work over 3G if you aren't near wi-fi!). Curl up in your nice warm bed and keep up to date on what's happening with your fellow geeks, direct from the MacTalk Cave. On your computer, you can just use QuickTime or iTunes. There will also be a chat room set up from 12:30AM, Tuesday 9th of June, for all the Aussie Apple loving geeks to socialise in.

    So when you're awake, feeling the Apple love on Monday night/Tuesday morning, hit up MacTalk and join us for the WWDC '09 Keynote - we look forward to keeping you entertained and informed!
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