• Wednesday Morning News

    Updated iMacs are set to launch in June, according to supplier reports. The only thing is, the suppliers quoted by MacRumors don't exactly have a proven track record. Still, updated Ivy Bridge iMacs with anti-glare displays in June would be a nice surprise.

    Meanwhile, a lack of updates across the Mac range is leading to lighter-than-expected quarterly Mac sales, something that we might see reflected in Apple's numbers come April 24, the date of their quarterly sales conference call.

    And while we're at it, what's up with the lack of Mac Pro updates? Intel's Xeon E5 processors are released and available, but so far, the Mac Pro hasn't seen an update. HardMac go one step further and say pro users are in fear, but here's hoping Apple quietly update the online store sometime soon.

    Okay, here's something interesting involving a four-inch iPhone. It's long been touted that 3.5 inches is a perfect size as it means you can operate the whole device with one hand, but if Apple increased the display just slightly to Nexus S dimensions, say how would that work? The Verge has possibilities. Untold possibilities!

    Brilliant investigation by Ars Technica sees them looking into the whole issue of iCloud security. Your data is obviously encrypted when it's stored on their servers, but Apple has the keys to decrypt it. And what about your iPhone? If you're backing up your iPhone via iCloud, does that mean they could potentially hand that data over to the authorities? Ars investigates.

    A sad story involving a Chinese teenager who sold a kidney to buy an iPad and iPhone, as reported by 9 to 5 Mac. Five people have since been charged over the incident.

    Google Earth on iOS now has the ability to load up custom maps in way of KML files. Loading up your own KML files means your own points of interest, your own important places on a map, your own custom overlays.

    Apple's Tim Cook was the highest paid CEO in the US in 2011. If you're wondering, that means he was paid $378 million in salary, perks, and bonuses, including whatever stock options he was given.

    Tim Stringer describes how he uses OmniFocus to stay organised. OmniFocus is a suite of personal task management apps available on the Mac and on iOS, and they can work for you, if you want to get things done.

    Figure for iPhone means anyone can make music. It's got a great, colourful interface, and even though you can't save your music nor share it, the flipside is that no-one needs to know you're the next Bach. Or Tchaikovsky.
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