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    Course Outline

    Watch a lot of CSI or Law and Order? Got a burning interest in the field of crime-fighting? The Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice degree, offered online through Open Universities Australia and taught by Griffith University, is a great way to explore these interests.

    The degree covers a broad range of subjects including criminology, youth justice, legal training, crime prevention, law courses and customs and justice. It is the ideal foundation for a career in law enforcement and crime.

    This minimum three-year undergraduate degree contains 24 units and gives you the freedom to completeit over a period of up to 10 years. While you will major in Criminal Justice you do have the choice of a variety of electives offered by over 20 universities, not Griffith alone.

    All the specialised knowledge and skills necessary for a career in the highly demanding criminal justice system are taught in this course, which focuses on the causes of crime and society's response to it. It will give you a well-rounded perspective on the various arms of the justice system and the relationships between them.

    Students enrolled in this course may be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place and therefore, the potential to receive HECS-HELP.

    You will graduate with a professional qualification in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice, suited for employment in policing, corrections, justice, security, regulatory law enforcement, crime prevention and customs in both private enterprise and government departments. You will also be qualified to criticise the fiction in the television crime dramas.

    To find out more, please phone 1300 881 548 or visit www.open.edu.au/thinkdone

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