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    The next generation iPhone might already be floating around, disguised in the same iPhone 4/4S body you're used to, but with an A5X variant inside. There's more to this rumour than meets the eye, with Ars Technica doing a sanity check and asking: does this really make sense?

    Not to mention, suppliers are saying the next iPhone will be redesigned with a new, sleek look and a 4-inch display. All signs are pointing towards a unibody case, but whatever Apple decide to release, whenever they decide to release it, it'll be just as amazing as it was yesterday.

    Macworld has the run down on what you need to know about the Flashback trojan that's affected over half a million Macs and counting. There's now a super-easy, one-click way to check if you're infected, too.

    Facebook just bought Instagram for a billion dollars, and you know what's cool? A joke that's been way too overdone ever since The Social Network came out. Anyway, Facebook bought Instagram, and that's that.

    "IPad is the new Coke!", screams Slide to Play. What they're really saying is that the word "iPad" has become synonymous with the word "tablet", and even if you're using some Sony, 1990s-era LCD with a resistive touchscreen, someone is still going to ask you if you're using an iPad.

    China is leading the world in iOS and Android activations and app usage. A staggering 23 percent of worldwide activations of Android and iOS devices came from China in February, according to Flurry Analytics.

    The Beer Game deftly explains why Apple can't build iPads in the US. Not because they don't want to, or not because it's infeasible from any kind of financial standpoint, but because it just doesn't make sense.

    Wired wanted to know more about Apple's data centre in North Carolina and how it would measure up against the fuel cell centre they're also planning to build, so they took to the skies to find out. You could say they took a leaf out of Apple's book and went to the iCloud, but that would just be taking a bad pun too far.

    ILounge has a few battery best practices now that the the new iPad has been released. You can't overcharge you iPad, you should never run it completely flat *looks like the advice is the same as it always has been for li-ion batteries.

    Simeon from TwoLivesLeft wasn't happy with the colour nor texture of his tan leather Smart Cover, so he did what any sane person would do: got out the coffee machine, prepared himself a double shot, and started painting his smart cover.
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