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    A patent on future MacBook portables on 9 to 5 Mac looks at how a multi speaker setup might work to provide surround sound. With portables getting ever thinner and ever lighter, it also examines the technology behind such a multi-speaker setup, with various locations for different speakers.

    Apple are investigating Wi-Fi issues with the new iPad, where users are reporting slow connection speeds, intermittent connectivity, and not seeing wireless networks entirely what's more, it seems these issues are limited to just the Wi-Fi only model.

    Face detection already works in the iOS camera with an iPhone 4S, and now Apple are looking into making it work with unlocking, customising, and interacting with your iOS device. Android has already beaten them to this feature, but as we saw on stage, that didn't work out so well for them when demoed.

    The long-rumoured TV from Apple now has a name, iPanel, and it's reportedly much more than just a TV. It's also rumoured to launch sometime in the last quarter of 2012, and could possibly be the lounge room home theatre PC you've been looking for.

    Apple sells an iPad with Wi-Fi and 4G, but the difference is now it has added a disclaimer saying that it isn't compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX networks. That, along with the refund scheme for unsatisfied customers, was enough to satisfy the ACCC.

    The LaCie Hub is a Thunderbolt hub that connects external hard drives to your machine via Thunderbolt, but there's one catch: the drives you attach must be using eSATA, a much faster connection than FireWire. The LaCie Hub is now shipping.

    The Imymee Shockproof Case for iPhone 4 and 4S is a curvy iPhone case that comes in a variety of colours and a small Apple logo in the bottom right corner. Not sure how Apple will react to that.

    Planetary is an amazing iPad app that isn't for discovering far off planets or exploring the solar system. Instead, it's all about your music: albums looks like planets, artists are stars, and the whole app is incredibly polished.

    Mac OS X Hints gives a tip on creating a HTML signature on your iOS device without a jailbreak *it requires a small tweak to the backup file, but that should be easy enough for those that desperately need their scrolling marquee signatures.

    Addicted to Draw Something? There's a nice gallery where you can browse other user's submissions, ranging from the incredibly mediocre to the "not bad".
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