• Thursday Morning News

    There's nothing better than waking up to a good ol' analysis of the retina display on the new iPad, and it becomes even harder to top when it comes from the ever-thorough Anandtech. The first chart kicks off the comparison, showing just how much pixel density the new display has compared to displays on desktops and laptops today.

    Apple and Steve Jobs have won the patent for the design of the Shanghai Apple Store, the one that looks strangely reminiscent of the Fifth Avenue store only instead of being a massive glass cube above ground, it's a giant glass cylinder but what's a few vertices between continents?

    The Next Web put the new iPad side-by-side the old one and asked people to tell which one is the new iPad. You'd have to be living under some seriously epic rock to not know the difference, but when Gizmodo showed off the old iPad to people saying it was the new one, they got similar reactions.

    I don't remember such a massive flare-up over the retina display on the iPhone, so what's the big deal with the retina display in the new iPad? Andy Taylor explains why the retina iPad is different to the retina iPhone this time around.

    What's slightly funny is this prototype of a redesigned iOS lock screen looks just extraordinarily similar to the default lock screen on Android's Ice Cream Sandwich. I guess once you design something within an inch of perfection, it's hard for other people to innovate at least, not without getting sued.

    Beautiful Pixels earns their name by showing off a few new retina wallpapers for the new iPad. Not included: the retina version of Fingerspoo. Because you'll never be clean enough. Never.

    The Digitech iStomp looks like one of the most serious iOS accessories I've ever seen, and for good reason: it's designed to turn your iOS device into a guitar effects powerhouse.

    IPad AppStorm talks about video editing on the iPad, not with iMovie for iOS, but with Avid Studio, what can be seen as the "more pro" version of iMovie. Does it stack up in terms of usability, though?

    OS X Daily says you can put a Mac to sleep using the IR remote by holding down the Play button for 5-8 seconds. Handy to know.

    Oh, and talking about Apple Stores: have you seen the Amsterdam Apple Store? Easily one of the most impressive stores I've seen yet, or the photos just make it look amazing.
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