• Video Reviews: Targus 'For Mac' accessory line

    The very first MacTalk video review is live! This week we take a look at the Targus 'For Mac' range of products.

    Our friends at Targus and Double edge PR have been generous enough to let us try out a range of products aimed specifically at the Mac, and nothing else.

    Wireless Mouse
    Pros: Excellent replacement for Apple’s Mighty Mouse. Optical scroll wheel responds well, and is a great feature. Individual click buttons makes it a useful addition to gamers.
    Cons: Dedicated USB wireless dongle takes up valuable space on Apple portables.
    Rating 8/10

    4 Port USB Hub
    Pros: Extremely small, light, portable. Interesting ‘wrap around’ design
    Cons: Bus power only, no optional AC adaptor
    Rating 7/10

    Chill Mat
    Pros: keeps your legs considerably cooler, lowers risk of becoming sterile
    Cons: Little to no effect on reducing core temperatures on portables, flimsy feel, definitely worth waiting for the 2nd generation.
    Rating 5/10

    File Share Cable
    Pros: Makes file transfers absurdly easy for new users
    Cons: So does a firewire cable. High RRP.
    Rating 4/10

    Blue Tooth Presenter
    Pros: Insanely customizable and comprehensive. Simply the best productivity application companion product available for the Mac. Integrated Laser pointer is powerful, onboard navigation sensor is excellent
    Cons: A premium RRP will restrict this item to pro customers.
    Rating 9/10

    Again a big thanks to Targus for allowing us to test drive some very interesting products, and see how they perform with the Mac. If you’ve got a product, or service that you’d like reviewed, contact me at ete.dillon@mactalk.com.au">pete.dillon@mactalk.com.au

    We’ll see you next Monday for another review!
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