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    This time tomorrow we'll likely know the details of the iPad 3 in all their glory, but The Verge are saying the next iPad will come with LTE, without a quad core processor, but alongside an Apple TV capable of handling 1080p video.

    With every iPad rumour comes rumours of a smaller form-factor iPad, and this time it's iMore who spill the beans on a 7.1-inch iPad. It's pretty unlike Apple to release a different model especially if it compromises on the original in some way without adding anything significant, but I guess we'll see.

    The Simpsons Tapped Out has, uh, tapped out after EA pulled the game from the App Store due to server load issues. Our own review said it was a pretty cool game, so I'm not surprised to see it was incredibly popular.

    Speaking of the iPad, it might not even be called the iPad 3. There's an increasing number of rumours to suggest we might see a name along the lines of iPad HD, but remember how we all thought iPad was a silly name to begin with anyway?

    Ten One design has revealed their iPad 3 pressure sensitive bluetooth stylus. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to automatically link with an iPhone or iPad, and uses pressure to control the width of ink. It sounds supremely cool, but Ten One hasn't actually committed to manufacturing these just yet.

    Adobe has released Photohop Lightroom 4 as promised after the beta was released a month or so ago, and they've cut the price in half for upgraders. The update brings Lightroom into line with features Apple's own Aperture has had for a while, including geo-positioning and book creation.

    The iPad 3 or HD might even get a redesigned smart cover tomorrow morning, which, according to Ars Technica, will include something for the back to protect that shiny aluminium back. That's great news if so my only gripe against the current smart cover was that it didn't protect the back at all, whereas the previous cover did.

    The Inside iTunes blog show you how to get alert tones and ringtones from your devices from the iTunes Store right from your iPhone or iPad.

    Studio Neat make the Glif, an iPhone accessory that you've probably heard about. They've now released a companion app called Frames which is kinda like a cool app for creating stop-motion animations.

    TestFlight has been acquired by Burstly, and they've now released TestFlight Live for real-time analytics and crash reports. Have at it, developers.
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