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    The 25th billion app download has been revealed by Apple, and all congratulations must go to Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China, who downloaded Where's My Water to snag the $10,000 iTunes gift card.

    Hey, have you see the improvements that Safari has received in Mountain Lion? There's now a unified address bar like all the other good browsers which allows you to search Google or type in addresses directly, share sheets, and a few other niceties. Best of all, Safari 5.2 is available for Lion, too.

    Apple are copping flack for rejecting an iBook which contained a link to Amazon's online store, and the crazy thing is, the link wasn't even to the iBook being submitted it was to other books entirely. I guess Apple just don't want any other form of competition.

    Australian bag and case company STM has shown off their range for the next iPad to iLounge, who is saying their next offerrings look a lot like their range for the iPad 2. Essentially just more of the same that's currently offered, really.

    By now it's pretty much guaranteed we'll see a new iPad at the Apple event on Thursday, but the rumours are still sitting on the fence as to whether we'll see an updated Apple TV, too. Stocks of the Apple TV are running low pretty much everywhere, though, which usually serves as a good indicator.

    Withings has debuted their Baby Monitor in the US. It's already been available in the UK for a little while, but this $300 iOS accessory designed to monitor your baby shows you temperature and humidity remotely, as well as providing an IR cam to monitor your baby in the dark.

    Photo hosting site SmugMug has launched an iPhone app, and by all accounts it gives popular camera apps like Camera+ a run for their money. Camera Awesome has a few good features that make it stand out from the crowd, such as several overlays that help you to take better photos.

    A page on the Apple website features how many employee jobs they've created in the US. Over half a million jobs in the US have been created as a direct result of Apple, and they're proud to show that off presumably to abate some of the criticism over Chinese manufacturing industry conditions.

    Oh look, yet another one of those new-fangled near field audio devices. I'm still completely skeptical about how they would work.

    Apple's flagship store in Amsterdam is nothing short of stunning, and 9 to 5 Mac has the pictures to prove it.
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