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    Look, Apple. I'm really happy that you've had 25 billion app downloads, and I'm going to let you finish announcing the lucky individual who won that $10,000 iTunes gift card. All I want to know is, what are the top apps of all time? OF ALL TIME!

    You know, I don't think we've never actually seen confirmation from Apple that they use Corning's Gorilla Glass in their iOS products, possibly because Apple is Apple and they wouldn't want any other kind of marketing on their devices. And yet, I think they just let the cat out of the bag themselves when revealing how many employees they hire in the US.

    It looks like Apple might be pushing for a subscription TV service, if MacRumors are to be believed. Their report says Apple has been in talks with the content providers, and the new service should be ready by Christmas this year if things go Apple's way.

    A Mac Pro update might be just around the corner as new Xeon E5 series chips from Intel are set to debut sometime next week. I bet Apple's just planning to quietly update the online store amidst all the press about the iPad 3 shortages...

    Speaking of iPad 3 shortages, I'm pretty sure Apple could manufacture multiple millions of iPads with retina displays and that still wouldn't be enough to meet demand. It's okay though, the conspiracy theorists will tell you Apple are deliberately constraining stock to create demand.

    One day the US Air Force are cancelling their order of 2800 iPads, and the next they're buying up to 18,000 of the things. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of bureaucracy.

    Richard Gaywood has a great article over at TUAW where he does the maths (not math, as those Americans would have you believe) on retina displays for Macs. Pixel-doubling current displays isn't feasible in any sense of the word, which might mean that we'll have to make do with slightly increased resolutions, which should do the job.

    The Windows 8 consumer preview is available for all to try, and if you're wanting to dive into Redmond's latest without getting your feet wet, then perhaps Windows 8 in a VirtualBox virtual machine might be just what you're after.

    From the developers of Scribblenauts comes Run Roo Run, an Australian adventure. It reminds me a little of The Oregon Trail, but instead you're travelling from Perth to Sydney. Makes sense.

    Reflection is a Mac app that lets you AirPlay your iOS device to your Mac's display. For what it's worth, the other alternative app, AirServer, has also been updated to work with AirPlay Mirroring on the Mac.

    Hazel 3.0 has been released. We've done a series on Hazel in the past, and version 3.0 adds quite a few cool features, as reviewed by MacStories.

    Finally this morning, we all love Apple. That's why you're reading this, and that's why they've been named the world's most admired company.
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