• Friday Morning News

    Readability for iOS has been a long time coming, but it's here. It's available on both iPhone and iPad, and, as the MacStories review says, has fantastic choices in typography. You're probably wondering why you would switch from, say, Instapaper or even Read It Later, and the main reason is that it's simple, and if you're into just reading and not worrying about sharing, friends, or any of Instapaper's features, then this might just be what you're looking for.

    Lex Friedman wants Siri to come to Mountain Lion, and I'm guessing so do a lot of other people. The only problem is, Apple hasn't announced it as a feature thus far and they're probably not likely to, either.

    With all the fuss about Mountain Lion, retina-display iPads and whatever else the Apple rumour-sphere has thrown at us, an older article from TNW gets down and tells us what's happening with the MacBook Pro. There won't be any new Intel chips for a little while, but that's never stopped blatant speculation before.

    Similarly, Macworld has a interrogative about Thunderbolt one year later. I mean, one year later I haven't seen anyone jump up and down about how Thunderbolt is changing their lives, or how fast their transfer are and probably because it comes down to being too expensive to justify over cheap USB.

    It looks a little like a basketball, but it's TheO, a small foam-like sphere that you stuff your smartphone into in order to play accelerometer-based games. The Verge says the games are "Wii-like", but I'm skeptical of how well this actually works.

    You've read the Steve Jobs biography, now read Insanely Simple, a new book all about the obsession that drives Apple's success. It's written by Ken Segall, who runs Scoopertino and worked under Steve for a while.

    A super-geeky tip by OS X Daily means you can make an active console log the wallpaper on your iPhone. Of course, you've got to be jailbroken for this to happen, but I have to admit it has a certain appeal.

    If you've installed VLC 2.0 and find DVD ripping doesn't work with HandBrake any more, fear not! There are instructions you can follow to fix that, courtesy of Macworld once again.

    Over at Chill there's an ultimate collection of Steve Jobs videos.

    And finally this morning, Apple may have taken the wraps off of Mountain Lion a few short weeks ago, but here's hoping they officially announce OS X Cowardly Lion at their even next week. Thanks, Scoopertino.
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