• Thursday Afternoon News

    Don't freak out, but any time an iOS app asks for your location it might be doing something far more nefarious and accessing your photos, instead. It's hardly a loophole, as described by the New York Times *apps need location access because they read the GPS metadata from your photos, is all. If you're being really paranoid, I've heard that iCloud has been uploading all your contacts to their servers, too...

    Adaptive streaming for iCloud music sounds like a swell idea, and it means that you won't have to worry about mobile downloads when you're out and about but when you're home, you'll still be able to enjoy the same higher quality music.

    Jigsaw Entertainment noticed a 16-year old Melbourne boy making a profit from a Chopper soundboard app, and they then went after Apple instead of the boy. Now Apple has settled with Jigsaw Entertainment.

    Apple are now encouraging MobileMe users to migrate to iCloud ahead of the June 2012 shutdown, and if you haven't done so already then you might as well iCloud is great, man!

    Mercedes Benz are planning to bring Siri to all their A-class vehicles, meaning drivers will be able to integrate their iPhones into their car through use of voice-controlled apps. The feature is set to be demoed next month at the Geneva auto show, with the rollout beginning sometime this fall (so Spring our time).

    The Save and Open dialogs in Mountain Lion are getting a little overhaul, with TUAW reporting that you can now rename files from within the dialog without having to close the dialog entirely. It means the Save and Open dialogs will become more in-line with how it currently works in Windows.

    If you've ever wanted a list of 10 well-designed iPhone apps, then look no further. All our favourites are there: Flipboard, Tweetbot, Path, Clear, and more.

    The Grix is a fun new pixel editor, developed in conjunction with eBoy, the developers of the eBoy Fix Pix app from quite a while back. It uses tiles of pre-defined pixels to build up your image, and it looks pretty cool.

    OS X Daily share the secret behind finding and scanning for wireless networks from the command line, once again showing the power of the Terminal.

    Finally this morning, I love Dropbox as much as the next guy, but isn't it more of a feature than an entire product? Farhad Manjoo over at the Pando Daily certainly seems to think so. Required reading.
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