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    With all the rumours and speculation surrounding the impending release of the iPad 3, it's important (and somewhat surprising, if I'm honest) to remember Apple hasn't officially announced anything until now. Apple has now sent out invitations to a special media event on March 7th, saying "we have something you really have to see. And touch."

    Meanwhile over in Apple Rumour-ville, we're already ironing out the tiny details of the iPad 3, details such as how it will be almost an entire millimetre thicker than its predecessor. But really, what's 0.81 mm between friends?

    Apple are prompting developers to sign up for their Developer ID program, which enables developers to distribute apps outside of the Mac App Store. Developer ID will work in conjunction with Gatekeeper as found in Mountain Lion, allowing users to only run apps from the Mac App Store or from Developer ID-verified developers.

    Popular iPhone-only social network app Path now has an unofficial Mac app called Journey, and while it's completely unofficial, the CEO of Path has apparently commented saying they should have access to their API.

    IMore reviews Circadia, yet another puzzle game that uses light and sound to suck you into its time-sucking trap. I mean, don't all the best puzzle games?

    There are two giants in the online realm of social networking, and yet only one is present in recent versions of iOS and now, Mountain Lion. The only question is: why did Apple choose Twitter over Facebook for social networking across their platforms?

    Apple is reportedly investigating new ways of water detection in their devices, using some water soluble glue and a little ingenuity. If you recall, their previous attempts would often produce false readings even a little condensation was able to trigger the water sensor.

    There are a few options for iPhone lens clip addons, but at the end of the day there are really only a few even worth considering. Of the Olloclip and iPro Lens, which one is the best?

    What's interesting is that the top 100 paid apps on the Android market total $374.37, while the top 100 paid apps on the App Store total just $147. Fortune has a few insights on what this might actually mean.

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