• Friday Morning Woos

    Fifteen years and three days ago, Apple announced it was going to purchase a little company called NeXT. Fifteen years on, we can still find references to the humble beginnings of OS X, NeXTSTEP, in Apple's latest and greatest OS.

    GigaOM says the Apple App Store is making pretty huge inroads in China. Growth has been steady, and analysts are predicting that app sales will only continue to rise as time goes on.

    Creative Applications has the best iPhone and iPad projects of 2011 some of them are apps that actually have a purpose, some are just fancy tech demos, and others still change how we think about technology altogether.

    Skitch is now available on the iPad (with an iPhone version not too far behind, or so I've read). You'll be pleased to discover it's still the same good ol' Skitch you know, just more conveniently sized.

    You've probably played Real Racing 2 on your iPhone or iPad, but what about on the Mac? Following in the footsteps of Flight Control before it, Real Racing 2 is now available on your desktop albeit not via Steam, but via the Mac App Store.

    I had high hopes for a Mega Man game on iOS, but alas, Slide to Play says it isn't the coolest thing since that iOS port of the Nintendo DS game Phoenix Wright. Speaking of which, I thought Capcom said they were going to release the other games on iOS too?

    The only other time I've heard the term "superleggera" used is in reference to a Lamborghini on Top Gear but apparently there's now an iPhone 4S case that sports the same name.

    Hey, you turning your Apple TV into some sort of super-awesome holiday decoration is pretty easy, and GigaOM give you a few ideas on how you can get started.

    The BBC internet blog has all the details behind the making of the BBC iPhone app, giving valuable insight into the design process and how it all came together.

    First Angry Birds, now Fruit Ninja. These plush toys are going to take over the world, I tell you.

    That's it from me for the year, folks this has been the very last daily news post for 2011, and can I just say, it's been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to write about awesome Apple and Mac-related things every (weekday) morning over the past year. Put your feet up, have an excellent holiday period, and I'll see you sometime in the new year. Oh and don't forget to post in the forums about all your new Apple gear on Christmas day
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