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    It would be pretty funny if the whole "wearable iPod nano watch" thing has taken off and caused Apple to consider an entirely new lineup of devices that are eminently wearable. What better way of introducing ubiquitous computing to the masses?

    Apple has sealed the deal with Israeli flash fabrication company Anobit, a deal reportedly worth around the $500 million mark. The acquisition marks their second such non-hardware acquisition since PA Semi a few years ago, so here's hoping we'll see some Apple-like innovation in the flash memory sector within a few years.

    MacRumors says the first-generation iPods being replaced due to potential overheating issues are being replaced with current seventh-generation models, which would make more sense can you imagine a warehouse of older Apple hardware somewhere?

    It's a story we've all heard before: Samsung copies Apple, Apple complains via the patent system. And looking at the pictures of the Samsung tablet cover, it's not exactly hard to see why.

    Engadget has a great interview with Ronald Wayne, the third founder of Apple and the one who later sold his share of the company for a paltry $2300. Wayne seems genuinely surprised he's garnered this much attention he was, after all, not that involved in the company beyond its initial inception.

    Both Gameloft and EA have price drops on all their apps in the App Store, and at the perfect time, too: many people will undoubtedly be receiving iTunes gift cards for Christmas (as, uh, impersonal of a gift that is), which means more sales for them.

    Now there's a great idea: instead of using removable flash storage, why not just stick a dock connector onto your camera? The AppClix camera is exactly that, allowing kids to upload photos to their iOS device in order to edit. It's like an iPad editing workflow for kids!

    GigaOM has a few gift ideas for any Apple fan. They're all practical things, and even though you might not be able to source their recommendations this close to the Christmas holiday, you might be able to find a viable alternative in your local brick and mortar.

    Marco Arment has helpfully updated the Amazon Kindle Fire versus iPad 2 table, and it now includes such hyperbole as "infurintingly awful magazine reading" and "frustratingly sluggish on the overall speed scale". I'll let you guess which device he's talking about.

    Whoa, wait a second. Just hold on one gosh-darn second. Photo Booth power users? I didn't even know that was a thing, Macworld consider myself enlightened.
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