• Tuesday Morning News

    We've heard of the mythical Apple product known as the iTV before, but this time the Wall Street Journal think it's for real, as they've published everything they know about the Apple television that never was. Tight integration with other Apple technology, high dependence on the cloud, you know how it goes.

    Quickpick is a new app that aims to make the Notification Centre that a lot more useful by letting you add your own custom shortcuts to commonly-performed actions, such as calling, emailing, or even opening Twitter and posting a new tweet. Best of all, you don't even need to jailbreak Quickpick is available on the App Store.

    Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne has unveiled some early company documents and drawings, everything from rejected prototypes of various computer components to diagrams of various bits of pieces.

    Apparently, the iOS 5 tweet sound sounds extremely similar to the admission gates in Disneyland in Anaheim. I haven't been so I wouldn't know, but Matthew Panzarino from The Next Web has, and he does.

    Just when you thought you were all done with that Steve Jobs biography, Walter Isaacson comes out and says he's considering expanding the tome in some way, presumably with an addendum or similar.

    Mac OS X Hints shows you how to use the new fonts available in the iBooks app on your Mac it involves extracting the fonts from the iOS package, but isn't too hard once you have a guide.

    One of the best articles in I've seen in a few months is the run-down of the exhibit in Germany which explores Jony Ive's design legacy at Apple. My only regret is that I can't see it live and in colour.

    Another truly excellent article to rival Horace Deidu's own statistical prowess is the extremely long-winded, extremely detailed, extremely filled-with-graphs-and-numbers post on the Bullish Cross blog that describes how to use Apple's guidance to accurately forecast earnings. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

    An hour-long BBC documentary describes Steve Jobs as the billion dollar hippy, where Steve himself is quoted as saying "I hired the wrong guy" when talking about John Sculley. Yeah, I would say that about my the guy that fired me from my own company, too.

    Ted Landau says you still shouldn't care about AppleCare, but I disagree. For new Mac users, having that phone support is indispensable when friends, family, and colleagues aren't available not to mention that Apple products are still made in China like everything else, and repairs are expensive. He does talk about AppleCare from an iOS device perspective, though.
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