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    First TV Shows on the Apple TV, now iTunes Match. Whatever they're brewing over in Cupertino is being released prematurely all over the place, with iTunes Match the second feature to make it onto the web without actually being officially released. In any case, it looks as though we've got pricing: $35 per year.

    As the year begins to wrap up, we start to see the "best of" collections start to pop up all over the place. Macworld has their list of 2011 App Gems awards, shining a spotlight on the very best iOS apps from the year gone by.

    Speaking of App Gems, Grand Theft Auto III is now available on the App Store. According to the review on TouchArcade, it's still a great game ten years since the original PS2 release, but the crazy thing is, now you can play what was a console exclusive ten years ago on your phone. In your pocket.

    There are various pieces of software available if you attach a printer to a computer and want to make the printer compatible with AirPrint, but what about if you've got a standalone printer? A little gadget called the Lantronix xPrintServer makes the magic happen and hey, if you've got an Apple ImageWriter II that needs to be brought into the 21st Century, well, the xPrintServer makes that happen too.

    A product called the Elevation Dock on Kickstarter aims to address the shortcomings of the official Apple dock by brilliant engineering and just a hint of ingenuity and usability. It's like the Apple dock you always wanted but it comes in a sexy anodised black!

    Admittedly I haven't seen the Louis CK video the whole internet is raving about, but the man himself says he edited the whole thing in Final Cut Pro. Culturally-relevant and Apple-related piece quota for the week: fulfilled.

    Remember the founding documents that incorporated Apple COmputer in 1976? They sold for $1.6 million at auction in New York ten times what the original valuation was. It was somewhat to be expected, though.

    A video donated to the Computer History Museum shows the Steve Jobs of 1980 was the same Steve Jobs we knew up until just recently, the same Steve Jobs with the same focus on user experience.

    I've been waiting for a whole month to post this, but couldn't because it wasn't quite relevant to Australians. Now we have iTunes Match (or will do very shortly), and you too can become an instant expert with the iLounge piece on the secrets and features of iTunes Match. It's easily the most comprehensive guide I've come across.

    Angry Birds has been updated to version 2.0, which brings 15 new levels and unlocks all previous episodes. Repeat after me: best, Christmas, present, ever.
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