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    Ever since Apple built the App Store and opened its Ďdoorsí for business, competition among developers and their creations is nothing short of fierce. You expect then, that any app from Apple itself should meet, even exceed, the bar itís set so high. Fortunately, the Australian Apple Store app does just that and more, enhancing the level of service and support that Apple is known for. The app offers you a wealth of great features whether youíre on the go or inside an Apple Store. Check out the steps below as we walk you through what you can do with a pocket tool as handy as this.

    1 Let the app search and locate the nearest Apple Stores in your region. You can select one from the search list provided or do it manually.

    2 Within each store listing is a menu of options, including Reserve Products, One to One training, workshop offers and Genius Bar appointments.

    3 If you need help or advice on an Apple product, take advantage of the Genius Bar feature, where you can speak to an Apple specialist.

    4 If youíre nowhere near an Apple Store, you can still browse through a comprehensive catalogue of Apple merchandise.

    5 Pick which model and the type of customisation you want. For example, add extra RAM, a bigger hard drive or Thunderbolt display.

    6 Once youíve got your product decked out just the way you want, itís as simple as proceeding to the checkout.


    • Each store has an events listing of upcoming workshops, demonstrations and tutorials scheduled for the month ahead.
    • Quick and easy access assistance can be reached by selecting the Help or Call Apple buttons.
    • Simply tap your finger to get your hands on Apple gear before it hits shelves with the ĎPre-order now' link.
    • The Featured button at the bottom of the app screen takes you to a page listing of the latest and most popular products on sale.

    by Grace Robinson

    This article originally appeared in issue #3 of touch magazine.
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