• Arrow Words For iPad

    Arrow Words is a crossword-style app from Britain that’s a great little time-waster with the ability to exercise your brain at the same time. I say ‘crossword-style’ because, unlike the crosswords we’re used to, the grids don’t have true symmetrical chequerboard patterns.

    The clues are placed on the board itself, which makes sense, given the relatively small screen size of the iPad. The board takes up three-quarters of the screen, with a keyboard below it. When you tap on a clue, it highlights the word’s squares in a pale yellow. If you’re stuck on a word or a letter, you can tap the Help button to reveal it. Also in the Help menu is a Mark Error option.

    There are four boards to choose from, from easy to very difficult vocabularies, with 100 puzzles for each. The boards also get bigger as the vocab gets more difficult.

    There’s an iPhone/iPod touch version available as well.

    The Binary Family

    By Dave Bullard

    This article originally appeared in issue #3 of touch magazine.
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