• Gear4 SoundOrb Aurora

    Is it an iPod docking station? A glowing rainbow lightshow for the home? A spherical sculpture, even? Actually, it’s all three. Gear4’s SoundOrb Aurora is an iPhone/iPod sound system with a few clever features and while it may not be the ultimate in premium sound, it certainly offers something ‘left of audio centre’.

    The primary docking station is a neat little unit made from white, shiny Perspex, which comes with a dome-shaped, wireless subwoofer lit up by coloured LED lights. Many smaller docks compromise on sound, especially in the low-end but the Aurora’s wireless sub fifi xes this problem while managing not to look like a bang-on addition. While the sub will work at quite a distance from the dock and withstand the obstruction of some pretty thick walls, it’s worth noting that it needs its own power supply, so must be within range of a wall socket.

    The sub’s multi-coloured LED lights glow from within the translucent white dome, a nice little throwback to those lava lamps everyone used to go crazy for. The system competently reproduces the entire audio spectrum. It allows you to play around with ‘Wide’ and ‘3D’ audio settings, using a remote or the cool, blue touch buttons at the top of the main unit. Setup is easy and operating the system is simple and user-friendly. I just wish there weren’t so many cords to deal with.

    The SoundOrb Aurora doesn’t offer groundbreaking audio capabilities, but for those who want a
    small integrated speaker system, with the addition of a standout subwoofer, this is a great option.

    RRP: $399

    By Grace Robinson
    This article originally appeared in issue #2 of touch magazine.
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