• Tuesday Morning News

    If newer models of AMD video cards that have turned up in beta graphics drivers in the new Mac OS 10.7.3 seed don't suggest new models of Mac Pros in the future, then I don't know what does. Just when you thought the boys in Cupertino had rung the final death knell for the workstation class machine with more power and expandability than most machines you can buy off-the-shelf, this entirely new rumour comes out of nowhere. Boom.

    First North Carolina. Now, Oregon. I refer to the super-sized data centres Apple seem to be building. We saw a preview of how big the North Carolina data centre when Steve Jobs showed us some pictures at WWDC. One can only dream about what sort of cloud-enabled services they're building in those, uh, buildings.

    Aussie-based developer Halfbrick Studios has secured a $1.3 million grant via the Australian Government's Interactive Media Fund. All that extra cash has allowed the developers of Fruit Ninja to open a new studio in Sydney, which is pretty good news for the Australian iOS scene in general.

    The Intel Ivy Bridge refresh will be upon us come Q2 2012, and for Apple, that means an entirely new line of processors for (almost) their entire lineup. Ivy Bridge paves the way for smaller, faster, and less hungry silicon, and yeah, it pretty much bulldozes the opposition into the ground. See what I did there?

    You've all heard the stories. Apple employees aren't allowed to comment on Apple-related websites, nor are they allowed to acknowledge rumours or participate in speculation on future Apple products. They might sound like pretty strict rules and to a degree they are but the thing is, all the rules make perfect business sense. 9 to 5 Mac has the full details on Apple's internal policies for employee social networking.

    Instead of wearing out your home button by double-tapping it all the time, wouldn't it be cool if you could simply drag your current app up from the bottom edge to reveal the fast app switching tray? Sadly, this concept video is just that a concept.

    Everyone seems to be taking a closer look at iPhone-related battery incidents recently, and for good reason. Hardmac says MacBook Pro batteries aren't the only ones that are susceptible to a sudden swelling.

    IPad AppStorm review Road Inc. They say it's every car-lover's dream as it seems to be a very well-designed app, but I'm not sure how good the info is to any real petrol-head.

    If Angry Birds have been in space (wait, today isn't Friday!), then why can't a Macintosh Portable? See a Macintosh Portable eject a disk (in space) all the way from 1991 in this video, as shown by OS X Daily.

    Guys, guys. If you're looking for a Christmas gift for the iPhone-toting scientist in your life, look no further than this radiation and geiger counter. It's possibly the coolest accessory ever because it interfaces with the iPhone via the headphone jack if only it measured more than a paltry 20microsieverts per hour (the equivalent of a chest x-ray, or about half what you would receive in Tokyo weeks after the Fukushima accident thanks, XKCD).
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