• Where's My Water?

    It seems as if the odds are stacked against Swampy the alligator in Disney’s Where’s My Water ($0.99); stuck in a maze-like sewer with limited access to water, all Swampy wants to do is take a bath and scrub himself clean.

    Your quest is to dig around the obstructing pipes and create tunnels for the water to flow straight to Swampy by completing a series of physics-based puzzle games.

    The mission sounds simple enough, but you also need to keep a watchful eye on the other alligators who have maligned Swampy for his abnormal ‘gator behaviour and try to sabotage your efforts by tinkering with the pipes.

    Unlike other physics puzzle games that employ the use of tricky-to- manoeuvre gadgets (canons, hoses, etc.) Where’s My Water offers a simple, fluid method of gameplay; using a simple drag motion with your finger, you can tunnel through dirt and direct the water where you want it to go.

    This approach is easy enough at first, but as you progress to higher levels the game gets tricky. You’ll need to plan strategies in higher levels to not only provide clean water to Swampy, but to prevent hazardous liquids from seeping into his bathtub.

    Where’s My Water is a pure joy to play. Its polished graphics and top-notch sound effects will appeal to all ages. Swampy’s reactions are delightfully animated and you can’t help but feel endeared to his plight for a bit of bath time.

    There’s really not a lot that I can say in criticism of the game. Sometimes the water can flow erratically, but I get the feeling this is less of a problem the more accustomed you get to playing the game.

    There’s plenty of replay value to be found with 120 puzzles in total, each containing bonus levels and hidden surprises. Plus there are additional levels promised in future free updates of the app. It’s no wonder then, that the game is already dominating the App Store charts.

    Where’s My Water is a highly entertaining app that I recommend to anyone in possession of an iOS device.
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