• Thursday Morning News

    The temporary ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been lifted here in Australia, meaning that from Friday 4pm onwards, Samsung will be able to sell the device in retail stores and you won't have to resort to online imports. Apple are appealing the decision, and the final decision will still be made next year.

    Back in the day, there were rumours of a device called the iTV. We now know that device to be the Apple TV, but rumours of an Apple iTV are heating up once again as we consider the possibilities of an Apple television set. MacRumors has some good speculation, including a range of sizes, device integration, and pricing.

    The iPhone accounts for 28% of the US smartphone market, according to Nielsen. Android accounts for quite a bit more at 42%, but bear in mind that's the total of all Android handsets across all manufacturers no one manufacturer has more marketshare than Apple does.

    Carrier IQ is a piece of software that's installed on millions of Android, Nokia, and BlackBerry phones worldwide, that secretly reports on everything a user is doing it's similar to a rootkit that you might find on a PC. Days like these I'm somewhat glad to be an iPhone user.

    IPhone gamerati: Infinity Blade II is now available in our very own App Store. It's a universal app, looks epic, and is just $7.50.

    IA Writer for both Mac and iPad has been updated with iCloud support, so if you're frequently writing things on your iPad and Mac, using the storage provided by iCloud for seamless sync between the two might just be what the good doctor ordered.

    From a company probably better known for their case accessories, iLounge review the Incase Reflex on-ear and Sonic over-ear headphones. They're both compatible with iOS devices, like you would expect, and both show the typical stylings of the excellent Incase flair.

    There are many good things about Apple as a company, but just one of them is shown in this video that details the iOS transition effect in glorious slow motion. It's honestly insanely great.

    The most technical piece you'll read this week is courtesy of DTrace, the ultimate system monitoring tool. Like all good things, it's heavy on the Terminal side of things, but it's relatively easy to understand.

    ZDNet has quite the article on why the Kindle Fire can't hold a candle to the iPad: it's just not in the same market. It's not as svelte as the iPad. The user experience isn't as good, and so on and so forth.
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