• STM Medium Slip 15" Bag Review

    stockshotzz3When your looking for something to kill your boredom on a stinking hot day, it's not often that you think, 'hey! why don't I write a review on a laptop bag!' but then again, it's not often that I'm both this freakin bored and this hot and sweaty. (thats what she said!). Anywho enough pre-review jibba jabba, lets get to some real disconjointed ramblings; it's the STM Medium Slip 15" Laptop Bag Review!

    Features & Design
    connectsbelowvu4jpgThe Medium Slip Laptop bag is an 'over the shoulder' type bag. But it's a bag that has a number of distinguishing features that make it different from other similar shoulder type laptop bags. For one the handle is attached not to the top flap of the bag but it is connected down through the top flap to the back of the bag. What the heck does that even mean, and why should I care? What it does mean is that if you do chose to carry it via this 'fancy' handle it isn't going to pull that front flap open. It's not a bad idea, but I haven't found this problem with any other laptop bags and as a result this 'feature' means absolutely a big fat nothing to me, and I don't really know why I brought it up let alone mentioned it first. (geez, sweet review so far hey!)

    The other thing that makes this bag a little different is the side zippers which allow you open the bag right up and work on your laptop whilst it's still in/sitting on the bag. Sounds like it could be a good idea to try and work into this type of bag. It's not. Tell me, are your hands that greasy that you cant get your laptop out of your bag without it shooting out of your mitts and onto the floor? Because I honestly cant think of another reason why you would want to leave your laptop 'in' the bag whilst working on it. It's faster to get a laptop out of a normal bag and way more comfortable to work on too.

    inbagwf0jpgThe main reason this feature is such a failure is because of the front pouch, this pouch is part of the front flap on the bag but when the bag is being 'used' it ends up being right in front on you laptop where you rest your forearms. Consequently anything left in this section will dig into your arms. REAL FREAKIN NICE! Even with nothing in this section having this massive flap of material right in front of your laptop is real annoying! Also this front pouch on the bag is both a pain to get things in and out of and is somewhat undersized, yet ironically, if it were bigger it would only make the whole 'forearm issue' worse.

    As mentioned earlier this bag sports a shoulder strap, it's removable and connects into a back pocket section of the bag. The strap is ideal for looking cool and easy carrying but mostly looking cool. This back pocket section isn't very big but would be perfect for carrying around anything flat and papery. The bag also comes in a sickly red that makes me nauseous.


    Quality & Testing
    The build quality of this bag is very good; it's a quality which we have come to be expect from bag maker STM. It's made out of some pretty tough Nylon that looks good and feels strong. The section where the laptop is stored is padded. Personally I'd like the padding to be a little thicker but it's adequate. The three zips on the bag all feel well made but the shoulder strap connects via some plastic buckles which feels a tiny bit cheap. The testing done on this product was both "extensive and exhaustive" but above all else it was done to try to cool off and get away from the actual writing of this review (which by now I no longer thought was a good idea in this ridiculous heat).

    I "tested" the bag in a number of categories, they are: Style, Functionality, Durability and Water Resistance.



    All gripes aside this is a pretty nice looking bag and as discovered through my in depth testing, the ladies love it...just don't ever use your laptop in the bag. (I lied, your right, ladies don't love laptop bags let alone tell me what they love)



    That's me not impressed. Who the hell designed this thing?



    Does a photo get anymore staged than that? The answer is NO. Never the less, this bag is built tough.

    Water Resistance


    STM doesn't say the bag is even a little water resistant, but that's not the point, it was freakin hot and the bag looked somewhat water resistant. Surprisingly the bag faired quite well, the water ran straight off the bag and the insides were kept dry, what more could you ask? And NO I didnt have my laptop in the bag, do you think I'm loco?

    So how much for one? Don't pay more than $75 - You can buy the bag online at Buy Mac

    Bottom Line: This bag looks pretty decent and is well crafted but I feel like it's only trying to do two things (shoulder bag + 'use laptop in bag' bag) and sadly it fails both. Price wise it's probably about where it should be, it's maybe slightly over priced if anything. All that said it's hard to rag on the bag too much because the quality of the bag is rather good, but unfortunately It doesn't save it from, what I believe to be, annoying design flaws.

    Rating: 5.5/10
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