• Wednesday Morning News

    As it turns out, the VMware feature allowing you to run virtualised non-Server versions of Snow Leopard and Leopard is a mistake, according to the VMware blog. The feature originally worked by simply popping up a license-agreement window, allowing you to ensure you were correctly licensed but I'm guessing that ability will now be removed in a subsequent update.

    Analysts are saying the iPad 3's retina display is now in production, meaning that we're mostly on track for an iPad 3 release next time next year. 2048x1536 in a 10-inch form factor be mine!

    AppleInsider is saying 2012 will also be bringing NFC support to an iOS device near you, which means you might be able to use the iPhone as some sort of e-wallet. It might be another thing entirely for the various financial institutions to accept it, but hey, this is Apple we're talking about here. People love Apple.

    Not to mention sales. Black Friday is apparently the biggest day for retail in the US, and Apple is getting in on a slice of that action in it's own online store. Plus, their sales will be worldwide not just limited to the US, like most other Black Friday sales.

    If you own a Kindle (or access to the Kindle store), you might be interested in Letters to Steve, a new ebook which details the varieties of email conversations that took place in the publicly accessible place that was Steve Job's inbox.

    There's a great read over at the Harvard Business Review from none other than Ron Johnson, former head of Apple Retail operations. It's entitled "What I learned building the Apple Store", and contains fantastic insights on one of the most successful retail chains to date.

    Australian developers Shifty Jelly also have a blog post of their own, which details the life and times of independent developers. Everyone may think indie app development is where all the money is at, but the reality can be pretty far from the truth; sometimes, it's just about making ends meet.

    Stamped is a new iPhone app that invites you to put your stamp of approval on the world. Falling into the category of social, it's iOS-only for now, but still has a really beautiful design.

    So there's this game called Desert Bus, right, and it's about driving from one place in the US to another but here's the kicker in real time. It's a trip that takes about 8 hours, and must be completed in one setting. The best news? Desert Bus is now available for iOS, thanks to a port of the original.

    An interesting post from Asymco, where Horace Deidu says Apple is only worth as much as it's current success. People say Apple is one of the most innovative companies ever, but how much is that innovation worth?
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