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    According to multiple sources, Apple are experimenting that sounds pretty radical: some sort of inflatable shock mount for your iPhone LCD or glass. The theory is that the mount would be able to move at least partially whenever a drop even is sensed, thereby protecting the glass from taking the impact and shattering.

    Apple has become the second largest online retailer in the UK, second only to a company known as Amazon UK, and beating out UK household good retailer Argos for the second place at the podium.

    Along the same lines of the "things Apple is worth more than" blog from a while back, a new infographic from Visual.ly shows what's smaller than Apple. The Apollo and Space Shuttle programs? Global mobile phone revenues?

    The iPad arguably has the lion's share of internet web traffic, with 95.7% of all US tablet web traffic and 87.6% globally according to a report from Royal Pingdom. Android, webOS, and even BlackBerrry OS make up the other half of the puzzle.

    Patently Apple has a report on how Apple will advance visual display elements in order to conserve battery life. They seem to talk a bit about how Apple makes the Apple logo light up on the back of your MacBook Pro, which in turn leads to the conservation of battery power... somehow.

    Over at Macworld Glenn Fleishman takes a look at Textastic, a text editor for the iPad with syntax highlighting and features to allow you to access files over a variety of different protocols and services. It's not quite Codify, but for those of us that work predominantly in text, it might just be what the good doctor ordered.

    Ars Technica has a good piece on why Apple chose Intel processors for the MacBook Air compared to the AMD ones, even though they might have had prototypes with chips from both manufacturers. Essentially the decision was formed on the basis of performance: Sandy Bridge had the advantage over Llano there.

    TuneUp has made it to the Mac App Store after being available online and in boxed form, and for a company that has a trademark on the word "automagically", it had better do some pretty cool stuff to clean up your iTunes library. GigaOM are saying it might even fix up your iTunes Match experience if iTunes Match was available in Australia, that is.

    Apple VP Greg Joswiak tells us all about his four keys to Apple's success in an interview at the Wall Street Journal. It's all about focus, simplicity, courage, and simply being the best. In other words, it's about having the guts to be focused enough on being the best at making things simple, perhaps.

    With just a few lines in the terminal, you too can have a dock-based iTunes notification on song change. It's pretty cool, especially if you're not using an app like GrowlTunes or similar.
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    This file is part of an old Adobe suite and the file can be found in

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