• Pepsi Top Mates

    Who said lying was an art? Regardless of who and whether you agree, Pepsi Max stands behind it and they’ve taken things one step further: They’ve made it an app.

    Top Mates is a free download for iPhone that spins a web of lies better than a pack of deceitful spiders.

    I’m not going to take a moral stance on the premise of the app, suffice to say you’re either going to love it or hate it.

    Here’s the deal: It seems that men are struggling under the heft of work and relationships. So soft drink giant Pepsi Max have stepped in to save a dude’s day.

    Men, listen up: Next time work calls you to work an extra day, or you’ve been wrangled by your 'better half' into shopping for bath towels this weekend, fear not – the great escape is in your pocket.

    Simply make up an excuse ("a cat and a parrot are both stuck in a burning tree and I'm the only one who can save them" and send it via a message or voicemail to whoever is nagging you. You can also use SFX and picture support for added credibility.

    Get your friends on board, by syncing your alibi and location to their devices. That way, they can all spout the same lie, ensuring an iron-clad backup and an hour or two of mates' dates.

    If you’re short on reasons not to show up, the free app also sports a feature where you shake your phone and the app will display excuses to choose from.

    Whether you find this all a bit of fun, or not, I’d like to point out one little glitch in the Pepsi Max plan: Women need a break too.

    So, yes, technically females can download and use the app. As I've obviously just done. But let’s not assume that spending time with mates is exclusively a ‘guy thing’.

    I’m waiting for the girl version. I think there might be a strong market in that.

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