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    By now you may have worked out that getting the perfect angle for some shots can be a real challenge, and sometimes a conventional tripod just doesn’t go where you need it most.

    Luckily, Joby have been on the job for a while with the truly innovative ‘GorillaPod’ line.

    Designed as the go-anywhere tripod accessory, GorillaPod puts your camera anywhere. Whether it is upon a rock, rough terrain, around a pole or lamppost (for a ‘selfie’ you can actually frame well!) it is designed to give you the opportunity for better pictures in all situations.

    With a good stabilization system, any handshake is eliminated, which is especially useful when shooting in low light and shadow.

    There is a GorillaPod to suit all types of cameras – a standard one for compacts, way up to the GorillaPod Focus which can hold up to five kilos of weight and maintain the stability of a traditional tripod in a range of environments.

    There’s even the Gorillatorch Flare – a go-anywhere torch to light your way through work in small dark spaces or even a novel in a dimly-lit room.

    The Joby GorillaPod range are surprisingly super tough, versatile and really cut down on the weight of your gear when travelling.

    Check out the full range here at Digital Camera Warehouse
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