• Tuesday Morning Developer News

    Welcome to Tuesday Morning Developers, where I showcase all the developer and development-related stories I've been hoarding over the past week. First, some "normal" news...

    There's a year-old post from a full-time Adobe Flash developer who says that the iPad can't use Flash, and then goes on to list the reasons why the iPad just doesn't work for a lot of scenarios that Flash does. If you ever doubted that Flash on the iPad was a bad thing, then you probably won't after reading his post.

    Boxer is a a DOS emulator for your Mac. That's pretty much it, really, but if you know and understand what a DOS emulator is, then you'll know why Boxer is one of the best things to come to the Mac since, say, Finder.

    Telstra have finally, finally enabled Visual Voicemail for iPhone users. It's called "MessageBank Plus", and it can be yours to use for just $5 per month (which isn't included in your cap), as well as a diversion fee of 6c per 30 seconds (which comes out of your cap). Complain at will about the cost, but at least you know it'll work when you need it to.

    Four days to the iPad 2 launch in Australia, and our iPad 2 reviews series continues with the Engadget version of the iPad 2 review.

    Marco Arment completely nails why the Quick Bar in the Twitter app for iPhone is still so offensive, saying that "the Quick Bar isnít offensive because we donít want Twitter making money with ads, or because we object to changes in the interface. Itís offensive because itís deeply bad, showing complete disregard for quality, product design, and user respect, and weíve come to expect a lot more from Twitter."

    The Pragmatic Studio have some very cool (free!) screencasts on practical development tips and tricks with Xcode 4, should the programmer in you be so inclined to quit your day job and become a hugely successful App Store developer. Maybe not Angry-Birds-successful, but you know, successful.

    If you need a guide to building iOS apps from scratch, well, there's an excellent guide over at Design then Code to help you out in that regard too. It's long, but so is the journey to becoming a successful App Store developer, my very young padawan.

    Also in the very-old-but-I'm-not-sure-how-I-missed-it category this morning is this blog post that details a Javascript implementation of our good friend Pull-to-Refresh. Useful for if you're creating a list-based web-app, I think.

    Zac Holman details why OS X does not provide a good user experience for developers thanks to outdated compilers and the recent release of Xcode 4 on the Mac App Store. OS X isn't for developers ó trying to do complicated things is hard.

    A whopping great list of Xcode 4 keyboard shortcuts for your (perverse) pleasure this morning comes courtesy of Cocoa Samurai, easily one of the best internet names I've come across.

    Finally this morning, Craig Hockenberry posts about how the Xcode 4 documentation viewer has declined into a state of disarray. While it may be friendly for new developers, it definitely isn't friendly to those who just want to bash out some serious code once in a while.
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