• Thursday Morning News

    You know, there are actually so many news sources that have now reviewed the iPad 2 since launch that I'm sure we could read at least one iPad 2 review per day from now until the iPad 2 hits our shores on March 25. Kicking off this iPad-2-review-a-day series is none other than Ars Technica, who find that the iPad 2 contains performance gains in a slimmer package.

    Neven Mrgan posts about some of the iPad apps that are still on his home screen one year after the last time he posted about them. Some have been updated to dizzying heights, some could use a bit of work (others could use a lot), and some apps are completely new.

    Metacritic is one of my all-time favourite websites. Everyone knows you can't trust reviewers to give fair, unbiased reviews of everything from movies to games, so what do you do? Aggregate and average the scores, that's what now complete with iOS game reviews, too!

    Hey look, there's a new MacUpdate software bundle out! Parallels 6, 1Password, TechTool Pro, Divvy, Civ IV, and more for just $49 of your hard earned dollars! That has to be a bargain for Parallels alone, right? Call in the next ten seconds and we'll even throw in a free emailed receipt for your convenience! Be one of the first 10,000 buyers and we'll also express post you a hug from a supermodel!

    There's a pretty cool tip over at Mac OS X Hints (even though it by no means is a Mac hint at all) that lets you have extra storage space for the iPad thanks to the iPad camera connection kit. By doing some simplistic re-naming of files, you too can add movies to your iPad from your SD memory card!

    MacNews say that a company called Ten's Complement are bringing ZFS to the Mac. Wait, haven't we been here before? Because you have been down there Neo, you know that road, you know exactly where it ends.

    In unsurprising news this morning, the Motorola Xoom has been "underwhelming" in sales. Is buggy software to blame? Or does this represent the difference between the Apple experience and the Android one?

    From the Cocoia blog comes this crazy little thing called a Sony Vaio UMPC. You might have seen them in movies or TV shows where "high-tech" gadgetry props are required, but as it turns out they actually make for decent little machines to play with, too.

    TouchArcade go hands-on with some of the iPad 2-optimised games, and seeing as the iPad 2 has something like nine-times the graphics processing capability of its predecessor, it's no surprise that things look damn well amazing.

    Sometimes you feel like you just have too much empty space in the menu bar, sometimes you just want to run your favourite apps without dock icons. TUAW takes you through some of the ways of how not to go about it.

    There's this crazy new Mac app called Frenzy, right, and at the moment it can be best described as a Dropbox-powered social network. Eat your heart out, Facebook.

    I don't even know what this is, but apparently Steve Jobs is the biological brother of Homer Simpson's mother. Trying to understand that simple statement is like trying to work out a puzzle wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma, so I'll just leave it at that.
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