• Wednesday Morning News

    Amongst all the natural disaster and other associated calamities surrounding Japan, it's good to know companies are doing their part to help out. Telstra have free calls to Japan, and even Apple is doing their part by providing the oft-underlooked resource of internet access. Whether it is for people to contact other survivors or relatives, or simply for people to update their Twitter status to let others know they're safe, this is exactly the kind of PR Apple needs.

    Those of out hanging out for a Zune may well have to act quickly, as Microsoft have reportedly killed off Zune hardware. While I'm thankful towards the Zune for introducing the beginnings of the Metro UI, in the end it was just inevitable that the Zune be killed off.

    Speaking of killings, Bon Jovi has been quoted as saying that "Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business". Yeah, he's talking about the Steve Jobs you know, the Steve Jobs that invented the iPod?

    Your required reading for today is why Angry Birds is so successful. Before you start groaning, hear me out it's from the same vein as Ars Technica's piece on why Tiny Wings is everything perfect about iPhone games, but this time Angry Birds is looked at from a cognitive teardown of the user experience. Ooh, big words.

    Pwn2Own can be though of as some sort of annual thing where they hack things, and recently it was Safari's turn. Hacked in just 5 seconds, Apple are no doubt looking to make some serious security changes. Also interesting to note is the fact that Google's Android and Chrome platforms were also in the gauntlet, and as time of writing, neither has been even attempted to exploit.

    Parents with iOS devices will be happy to note that iOS 4.3 makes it harder for tap-happy kids to rack up huge credit card bills with in-app purchases. You're now required to enter your password for every in-app purchase, not just the first of potentially several.

    iFixit tear down the iPad 2, fixing that it does indeed have 512MB of RAM. There's a whole heap of stuff on chipsets too, but what's really interesting is that the glass is 27% thinner than the previous generation. Will this lead to more cracked screens? Only time will tell...

    Apple really like magnets, if these patents describing future machines to harness the power of magnetic induction are anything to go by. With the incredible numbers of magnets in the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover, clearly someone at Cupertino asked the question of how magnets worked, and things snowballed from there.

    The new MacBook Pros are fast, but there's more than meets the eye than just clock speed. HardMac do some experimenting with the new Sandy Bridge MacBook Pros and find that they're capable of clocking up to 3.3GHz at a time, an truly incredible feat.

    Apple's name for the Magic Trackpad was actually the Apple SuperMondo TrackPad Thingy. The more you know!
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