• Hardware Quick Look: Belkin WristFit

    From the very moment Steve Jobs unveilved the 6th generation iPod nano and made a quip that “one of the members of our Board of Directors is going to use it as a watch”, accessory manufacturers rushed to create the straps that would deliver the fabled iWatch. Most of those straps aimed to create a casual or executive style watch, but today we’re looking at the Belkin WristFit, a nano wristband with a sporty feel.

    The WristFit is made from lightweight neoprene, designed to not get your wrists all sweaty and be chucked in the wash even if they do. It holds on with some high-tech velco, similar to the Nike Sport Armband for previous generation nanos, with a long reflective tab at the end. Your nano clips to a hard raised strap in the middle of the WristFit and once it’s on there it ain’t going anywhere. It’s extremely comfortable, to the point where you’ll forget you’re wearing it, although the nano does sit raised off your wrist by about 1cm so you have to be careful not to catch it as you jump around. Using the nano as a wristwatch does also mean that every time you want to see the time you need to reach over with your other hand and hit the wake button then wait almost a second before you know if you’re late or not.

    The sporty aspirations of the WristFit might mean you’ll wear it as a watch while jumping around, just being the active type of person that you are. It could also mean that you wear it while running or walking and listening to your tunes. The 6th gen nano does have a built-in pedometer (it counts your steps and calories burnt) but slipping the Nike + iPod receiver into the (easily accessible) dock connector means you’ll be able to finely track distance, speed, pace, etc and have all the data visible on your wrist.. The only consideration is whether you’re happy to have your earphone cable flailing about or feed the cable up your sleeve.


    While a nano watch doesn’t make sense to everyone, the Belkin WristFit could be one of the best ways to turn your new nano into a sportswatch to wear while getting sweaty. It’s comfortable, made from quality materials and has a good sense of purpose in its design.

    Look for the Belkin WristFit where ever Belkin products are sold.

    Now to open the floor - do you wear a 6th gen nano as a watch? Do you wear it exercising?
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