• MacTalk Podcast - Episode 67 - One Angry Agius and 200 Solemn Faces

    podcastlogoEpisode 67 is probably our worst episode ever. No really, it is. Don't listen to it. Don't sully your good reputation with this drivel. Someone important might look at your iPod, see this in your library and never talk to you again. Do you want that to happen? No, no you don't. Go back and listen to your favourite episode. If you still want to irreversibly damage your health by listening to episode 67, you can expect some half arsed discussion on some iPhone rumours, some 17" iMac speculation, Pete's impressions on iPhone OS 3.0, a slight diversion into daytime chat shows, some final episode of BSG discussion, an explanation as to what happened with MacTalk's website and the usual pick of apps we've enjoyed this week.

    Full show notes and download links are on the forums

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