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    3323110_12e2d4a1e3iPhone OS 3.0 is still massive news, as developers break their NDAs and leak info about it to the interwebs. Gizmodo has a metric arseload of screenshots of 3.0, Engadget have video galore of 3.0 in action and Lifehacker compare iPhone 3.0 to Google Android.

    The guberments are giving away more money to those who meet the criteria in the form an Education Tax Refund. Essentially, if you've purchased a computer to use for learning, the government will give you some money back. If you're on Youth Allowance and got yourself a laptop for uni, you can get upto $750! Check out the Education Tax Refund website to see if you're eligible. Parents of K-12 students that purchased computery goodness are also entitled to some cash.

    Apple has written a rather detailed guide on setting up wi-fi networks using AirPort devices. If you've been confused by wi-fi and how it all works, this document is for you.

    Safari is a giant gaping security hole. Charlie Miller, infamous for his hacking prowess in an identical competition last year, has done it again. He was able to hack in to a fully patched Mac via a security flaw in Safari, in a matter of seconds. Details of the actual hack will not be released until Apple resolve the issue.

    You're outdoors. You're sweating. You're playing b-ball with your chums in the hood. You're knocking back 3 points all over the court. You're driving into the paint with full gusto. What's missing? Your iPod, that's what. Spalding realised this and have released a "basketball hoop system" with an iPod dock and speakers, aptly named, iHoop. The two 3" speakers and a 5" subwoofer encased in the ballast of this basketball hoop will ensure you can listen to some block rockin' beats whilst landing that fadeaway jumper from outside the key.

    Apple is officially on Twitter. Kinda. The Apple movie trailers team have taken the plunge and are tweeting when new trailers appear on their website. Just to make it clear, the team has tweeted, "Our focus is to tweet theatrical related info for our iTunes Trailers, Apple TV, and iPhone/iPod touch- that's all we comment on." - so don't go asking them when the tablet Mac with hyperdrive and built in blowjob button will be out. They won't answer.

    Apparently, crappy 3G speeds isn't just an Optus issue. AT&T customers in the USA are also experiencing half-arsed 3G data on their iPhones. It would seem this passing fad of accessing the interwebs on your phone, using their networks, has caught telcos by surprise. AT&T is investing US$11 billion to improve it's network. I hear Optus are investing hundreds of dollars in a new pigeon breeding farm that claims faster, more reliable pigeon traversal over long distances. I can't wait.

    Elgato has a new version of the Turbo264 H.264 encoding USB device. They've really improved the software to handle automagic detection of AVCHD video, so you don't need to fire up iMovie to export what you've recorded out to some other format. The new software also uploads directly to YouTube, has basic editing functions and even being able to read VIDEO_TS folders for super encoding speed. Keep your eyes peeled for a review on the new Turbo264 up on MacTalk soon.

    Facebook Connect is now available to iPhone developers to integrate into their apps. What does this mean for end users? Well that game you're playing can pop up your progress and stats to Facebook. You can use it to play against other app users without them having to sign up for their own username and account, just use your Facebook credentials to log in and play others. A couple of apps are using it now, and I expect many more to use it over time.

    A bit of housekeeping - if you're interested in being paid to write for MacTalk, about any sort of Apple stuff (tutorials, guides, how-to's, essays, etc), then get in touch with me!

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