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    Published on 11th July 2012 by 9 Comments
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    I live above a pizza store. The area around my desk smells of delicious pizza, and my bathroom smells of garlic bread (This is the weirdest thing, I must say) . Because of this, I quite often have a hunger for pizza. However, going downstairs means I have to put pants on and deal with the outside world. ...
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    Buying New Imac 27 with Retina

    I would get the 4GHz i7. Also, this already has a PCI-E SSD. I need a new monitor, which is why I was considering the iMac. Also, don't really know about

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    Dog Knight

    Need to rant - possible HDD issues

    Just to clarify. I can repair it myself. Thanks to lovely videos from iFixIt, its not overly complicated.
    My rant was more around the extra/unnecessary

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    Dog Knight

    Telstra scam now available for Mac!

    Oh good fun. I love when these guys call. It's great fun.

    I am going to setup a spare VM because I am interested in seeing what they are

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    Quicklook no longer functioning under 10.10.2

    Has anyone else had the issue where quicklook stopped functioning once they upgraded to 10.10.2?

    I just get a blank white rectangle which

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    Need to rant - possible HDD issues

    While I can empathise with the frustration the OP, I think the reality is that Apple has always and will always be like BMW or Porsche rather than Holden.

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    Need to rant - possible HDD issues

    I can see why the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini and even the iMac are basically sealed non upgradable machines and I get the Mac Pro being upgradable.

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    Random Photography Thread V5.0

    Been processing old stuff.

    O savage sea by kyte50, on Flickr

    Lakeside by kyte50, on Flickr

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    SSD for retina MacBook pro.

    Just remember that unless you buy the OEM Apple/Samsung you get no native TRIM support. You can use Cindori's TRIM enabler but if you forget to turn it

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    Parts for old Mini

    Welcome Haakon,

    Cheapest I could find is on eBay, not too painful:

    NEW 922 8803 Apple Audio Board FOR MAC Mini Early Late 2009

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    Need to rant - possible HDD issues

    Not sure what SEA tools is or was, but TechTool Pro has a SMART tester that returns detailed results as well as many other tests. Disk Warrior is the

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