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    Published on 11th July 2012 by 9 Comments
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    I live above a pizza store. The area around my desk smells of delicious pizza, and my bathroom smells of garlic bread (This is the weirdest thing, I must say) . Because of this, I quite often have a hunger for pizza. However, going downstairs means I have to put pants on and deal with the outside world. ...
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    4 Corners and Apple

    Aldi makes some of its savings through only having one brand of most things, no bags, they stack boxes instead of proper shelfs and filling - it also

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    Performance improvements - older MBP vs new model

    Thanks Leon.
    And yeppers, that's what the apple store guy told me yesterday as well.
    Have booked a genius bar appointment for next wednesday

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    Map itinerary thingy?

    Hey all,

    Hoping someone can help me out, I'm taking a trip later this year and want to set a load "places to visit" of my own landmarks

    Musky Today, 11:49 AM Go to last post

    4 Corners and Apple

    That's a tall high horse you're sitting on - Aldi is no different from other supermarkets, it's just they sell higher volumes of the same cheap thing

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    Random Photography Thread V5.0

    The long lunch

    Olympus E-M5 1454 Zuiko

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    4 Corners and Apple

    In an overall sense, no. I do think there are degrees though and I used Aldi because they're an example of the extreme end of it. At least Myer sell

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    4 Corners and Apple

    LOL soulman do you think for a moment Woolies, Coles, Myers, Dick Smith etc are any 'cleaner' than Aldi?

    Blame our Government if anyone for

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    4 Corners and Apple

    This is very true and a large part of the problem. Every day I see/hear people thinking they're getting a great deal on some impossibly cheap item, while

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    How to get rid off this message - Ajaxserver?

    Is there something in your Login Items? You'll find the list in System Preferences -> Accounts or Users & Groups (the name depends on the version

    soulman Yesterday, 09:07 PM Go to last post

    4 Corners and Apple

    Tend to agree. There are a couple of challenges:

    1. Until people are prepared to pay twice the price for a Macbook Air or any other Apple

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