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24th February 2011, 06:11 PM
Hi everyone,

Im new at this forum thing but I believe ive got a totally original app idea and have no idea where to start getting it up and running. Im drawing templates of how i think the app should look and work based on my use of alot of other apps with similar type of setup.

So yeah any help with developers or anything at all would be greatly appreciated seeing as im clueless!!

One last thing Im really worried about is protecting the idea because I do believe its totally original so im not sure if or how i can protect it or the privacy at least until its up and running.



24th February 2011, 08:06 PM
If you need original music, I'd be happy to provide. You've heard my work if you've listened to the Mactalk podcast jingles. Lemme know if I can help out.

28th February 2011, 11:00 AM

<Disclosure - I run an iPhone development company but the post below is in the spirit of general advice not a business proposal. If you want to discuss things in more detail from a business context please drop me an email or PM.>

In regards to your app concept, if you are concerned about protecting the idea then be sure to work under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with any prospective development agency or interested party. Whilst there are never any guarantees when it comes to protecting IP, if a company is willing to sign an NDA it should at least provide you with some comfort that the company is not going to take the idea and run with it themselves. Be mindful that IP laws are very difficult when it comes to international arrangements, so if dealing with an entity registered outside Australia keep in mind that you may find it hard to enforce any breach of the NDA should such occur.

As to the development of the app, there are quite a number of companies both Australian and overseas who specialise in mobile application development. Generally speaking most such companies will only work on a fee-for-service basis, whereby you will pay in full for the time taken to develop the application, but retain all IP and thus all potential risk and revenue in regards to making money by selling the application. You will find that most companies should be able to help out with the technical aspects of dealing with Apple and the iTunes App Store (such as app submission, monitoring reviews, ongoing technical support etc) as part of their fee for service, but you will need to deal with the contractual and administrative aspects of the process (signing up for an iOS Developer account, submitting tax details, agreeing to sales contracts with Apple etc).

Be wary of entering into agreements with developers on a revenue-share or deferred payment scheme. Speaking personally we no longer enter into these type of arrangements as we've been burnt in the past by development projects that didn't generate the revenue we were promised, leaving us out of pocket as a result of the work we performed. You also need to be wary about the opposite situation, where the app does indeed take off and rather than holding complete control of the IP and a 100% share of the revenue you find yourself in a defacto partnership with the application developer who may have different priorities to your own.

Development costs will of course vary greatly from app to app, however if you're after a polished application with any degree of complexity I would be budgeting for at least $10K of development costs. Obviously this is a very vague, unqualified figure and the only way to get an accurate estimation is to obtain some specific project costings from development companies, but the main point is that developing an quality application isn't as simple or as cheap a process as you might expect. I've seen plenty of projects where the client's expectations of development costs are significantly lower than reality - and this applies not just in the iOS world but in IT in general.

Whatever path you go down, best of luck and I hope the app is a success for you.