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10th February 2011, 11:53 AM
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How many times have you found yourself browsing on the iTunes Store or anywhere on the web for new music releases? I'm looking for the latest releases all the time and it's often only by coincidence that I find something from a favourite artist of mine, which makes me think about all the music I must be missing out on. Apple itself has tried to fix this in the past with their own “My Alerts” feature in the iTunes Store, but isn't particularly prominent or intuitive. <em>Nomis</em> is the latest solution, and may well be the greatest too.<!--more-->
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As soon as you open <em>Nomis</em> you know this is an app where its developer knows interface counts for everything. I've chosen to mention this first because the app is probably better defined as a widget – much like Apple's own Stocks or Weather apps, <em>Nomis</em> has two main navigation and one information screen, so if your interface sucks it's going to become very apparent, very quickly. <em>Nomis</em> is based on your library, and like many library-based apps it employs a wood panel design. New releases are accompanied by glossy artwork on the left side of the screen and a subtle “NEW” banner across the top, arranged by date of release.
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An album overview fills your screen when you tap on any listed album. It has a similar look and feel to that of the iTunes Store app in that previews load in a spinning wheel left of the track title and a double-tap is required in the same place to download a song (<em>Nomis</em> will send you to iTunes rather than downloading the song directly to your library because there's no framework in iOS to allow it) but again, the developer has put some effort into creating an appropriately unique interface. One small niggle here: “album only” labels are barely visible against the lightly coloured list background. For the most part, however, <em>Nomis</em> looks and works great here too.
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<em>Nomis</em> will take some time to first load up information about new releases depending on how much music lives on your iOS device. Because it has to check a database for every artist, this process took about five minutes against my 577 artist iPhone library. It's difficult to say how accurate the utility is in finding information, but I was impressed by how much <em>Nomis</em> was able to find for me. Having said that, my library consists mostly of mainstream (read: available on iTunes and often in the top charts) music so be aware that your mileage may vary.
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Overall, I found <em>Nomis</em> to be a very handy utility for discovering new music. What this app is able to do above any discovery/“Genius” service is give you previously unheard music by the artists you already love (or at least the ones playing on your iPod). Wrapped in a beautiful and well thought out interface and super simple functionality (don't forget to look out for the rubber band scrolling easter egg), <em>Nomis</em> is another great addition to my iPhone's “Music” folder, and yours too.

<strong>Version reviewed:</strong> 1.0.5
<strong>Price:</strong> $2.49
<strong>Developer:</strong> Taprockets
<strong>Designed for:</strong> iPhone &amp; iPod touch running 3.0 or later
<strong><a href="http://www.s2d6.com/x/?x=c&amp;z=s&amp;v=1121189&amp;t=http%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com %2Fau%2Fapp%2Fnomis-music-release-notifier%2Fid412420058%3Fmt%3D8%26partnerId%3D1002">App Store</a></strong>