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4th February 2011, 10:27 AM
If you are a designer of any flavour (or not), and read a lot of blogs/RSS feeds devoted to design, then DesignScene (http://www.designsceneapp.com) might just be what you were looking for.

From the Web site: (http://www.designsceneapp.com)

We graphic designers are visual creatures. We get inspired by the world around us—the media we consume, the objects we desire, the designs we wish we had created ourselves. DesignScene is a real-time inspiration app for graphic designers drawing from myriad relevant sources, from art to architecture, illustration to fashion, photography to typography.

https://img.skitch.com/20110204-ewpn24ect1ceg5wxwgeim7nxfi.jpg DesignScene Home Screen (Landscape Mode)

When you open the app in landscape view, you'll be presented with 6 images taking up roughly 70% of the screen with a column of about 6 text feeds down the right hand side of your screen. In Portrait mode, you just see the images only.

TIP: The first time I opened the app, it seemed a little sluggish when rotating between portrait and landscape modes but after a quick restart of the iPad, I didn't experience this problem any further.

The app has a very simple and clean layout, though it wasn’t immediately apparent to me how things were supposed to work. (Don't panic! It took a luddite like myself all of 4 seconds to figure it out!) Quite simply,you swipe each image left or right until you happen upon something that takes your fancy.

https://img.skitch.com/20110204-m48nm8dbytba6n9nffydnfc4jk.jpg Fullscreen image view
https://img.skitch.com/20110204-de1mxydabs39fcipdxjr6kd4p.jpg Article view

If you like the look of an image and want to find out more about it, tap the image and it will expand out to full screen view. From here you can tap the right arrow at the bottom of the screen to pull up the article associated with the image, or just close the image.

https://img.skitch.com/20110204-khenb5ecp3mi1hsm2s22hk6s7g.jpg DesignScene Sharing Options

From either the article page or the image view you can share the article (or just the image) the following ways:

via email
open the article in Safari
copy the link to paste elsewhere
Post to your Twitter feed
Share with your Facebook friends.

https://img.skitch.com/20110204-qy178e92scamkbifik8hg6pqtr.jpg Article/Blog reader

If you'd like to read more of one of the text feeds at the home page, just tap the block of text and a nice sliding transition moves the column over to the left to reveal the article. When you are finished, hit the close button in the top right and it all slides back into place.

The app has been billed by the developer as "An Inspiration Explorer for iPad” and for me, it really hits the mark. What I really like about this app is that is easy to read a lot of the design blogs and feeds that I already currently read, but I am finding a lot of new stuff quickly and easily. I am forever on the hunt for new inspiration and this app makes it very easy to find new and interesting design related material.

What I wouldn’t mind seeing in a future update is the ability to customise the feeds by removing some or adding in your own if they aren't already included. Having said that, there is a link at the bottom of their website to "Suggest a Site" to be added to the 80+ feeds currently in the app (over 50 visual and over 30 text feeds currently).

In the interest of complete transparency, I actually won this app from Graham over at I’m Just Creative (http://imjustcreative.com). Nobody has asked me to write this review, nor did I win with the promise of writing a review, but I felt that I should seeing as I really like it and didn't have to pay for it ;)

Price: $4.99

App Store Link: DesignScene (http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/designscene/id412753716?mt=8)

Developer: Lunar/Theory LLC

Version Reviewed: 1.0.1

5th February 2011, 12:34 PM
Sounds very interesting... perhaps a little like Aweditorium that allows you to explore music and new artists at random.

5th February 2011, 10:04 PM
Hadn’t heard of Aweditorium before so downloaded it - Thank you!

And yes it is similar in some ways