View Full Version : any plugins for safari?

5th August 2004, 06:46 AM
hey everyone. I use safari on my powerbook and firefox on my PC at home. I really like the safari web browser but some things are starting to annoy me.

I was wondering if there were any plugins (or maybe something in the menu's that I've missed) that will add some of the functionality I love from my firefox extensions on the PC.

I want some kind of selective add blocking. On firefox I have a plugin that lets me right click and select a picture or anything really and block it, or the whole site it is hosted on. Which I love. Especially good for getting rid of god awful annoying picture based forums tags.

I also want a selective pop-up blocker. Safari's pop-up blocker kinda sucks. Because as far as I can tell you either have it block everything, or nothing at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or do I have to resort to using firefox on my lappy as well?

5th August 2004, 07:59 AM
Pithhelmet is what you want for add blocking, I just use it with default settings and it blocks almost everything. I've no problems with the safari popup blocker. AFAIK it blocks all automatically generated popups (those that might appear the instant you arrive at a site). It does not block popups you trigger by clicking on something, e.g. login windows for net banking. If you know there is a popup you are missing you can temporarily turn popup blocking off, then back on when you are done.

5th August 2004, 08:13 AM
There's also Privoxy, basically a clever HTTP proxy, though the default install via the OSX package available needs tweaking, meaning you'll need to either edit config files on the command line, or know how to run Textedit as root.