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26th January 2011, 12:32 PM
Hi All

I'm giving away up to 10 promo codes for my app Instaviz 1.10, the diagram sketcher for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Now that promo codes are available to us Aussies, thought I'd spread the love locally.

Sketch some shapes and links and Instaviz magically turns them into beautiful flowcharts, mindmaps and diagrams. Instaviz works even better on the iPad's big screen, check it out:


More details with video demo here: Instaviz: Diagram Sketching, Mindmap, Flowchart, Whiteboard for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (http://instaviz.com)

Here's what you have to do to get a code:

You need to have over 10 posts in the MacTalk Forums.
Post in this thread why you want Instaviz or how you will use Instaviz. Best if you have friends or colleagues you will show it to.
I'll choose the best 5-10 replies in 48 hours. I'll PM the codes to the winners.

Feel free to ask me anything. Thanks for playing!

Glen Low
Pixelglow Software

P.S. big-ray, ednap, mmulhorn, DomDom, MarkW, LithgowLights and quicksilver have won a code each. Thanks for playing!

26th January 2011, 02:09 PM
Hi Pixelglow,

I work in the building industry and would love to use Instaviz to help during meetings and user group meetings to assist with the planning of new buildings or refurbishment of existing building.
There are some architects and services consultants who also have ipads and iphones and it will great to work through issues on site with out needing extra bits of paper or whiteboards.

26th January 2011, 02:15 PM
Thanks for the opportunity Pixelglow.

I work in the area of Environment Health & Safety and I honestly think your app would be of significant benefit to me.

I'm often sketching layouts, process flows, decision steps, or even simple chronology time lines to assist in understanding the events leading up to or following on from an incident or injury. I utilize a variety of sketches or diagrams to assist in establishing root cause and preventing or at least attempting to reduce the likelihood of the incident occuring again.

Preparing and sharing these various sketches with people involved, plus others with knowledge of the operation, really helps to identify additional lines of investigation and clarify information leading to better understanding of system failures.

Your App would allow a variety of sketches to be created on my iPad, in the field where actual incidents occur rather than in a meeting room relying on photographs or my memory of the incident scene.

A diagram really does paint a thousand words. An App like your has significant potential in helping those I'm ineterviewing visualise the concepts and issues of the investigation I'm leading them through.

I'm also thinking your sketches could be saved and included as part of the incident investigation reports.

Awesome potential!


26th January 2011, 02:31 PM
I work with print datastreams, and a tool like this would allow me to illustrate while doing analysis work, how different objects in the datastream need to be manipulated, or for inserting additional resources, and how this impacts to print production process from data composition, all the way through to delivery.

I can visualise the different components I'm working with when using a Hex Editior, but I need a tool to quickly sketch out what I can see easily, into a format that others can visualise, and then take those diagrams and add them to the system specifications.

26th January 2011, 03:53 PM
Wow! Fantastic app. I'm also in the building industry and I teach builders Cert IV to get their licence. This would be a great app when I'm teaching planning and site management. I think I could sell an app like this for you quite easily.

Great work.


26th January 2011, 06:19 PM
Hi Pixelglow

This is what I have been looking for for some time. Currently I use Penultimate as a sketcher which isn't the best in fact its just barely sufficient. It doesn't do planning or flow diagrams so all I end up with is a crap drawing which has to be re-done in viso at a later time.

I'm an engineer who buys tools, equipment, PPE and all manner of stuff for field staff. Introduction of new equipment often requires a whole project worth of work from consultation of need with various work groups and management, to prototype and refinement to final product and supply contracts. Planning that out can be quite complex.

I can see value in this product for my work and make my iPad more of a tool than a toy.

27th January 2011, 11:15 AM
This program is brilliant, and exactly what I would like in a workflow diagram program. I'll go out on a limb here and say I WONT be using it at work, but instead I'll be using it to help me conceptualise a few things for my Christmas Light display.

I can easily see it:

1. Helping with layout and cableing to help maximise the number of DMX points used per cable. DMX will account for 300 or more channels this year, so cableing will be come more of an important issue as the use expands.

2. Demonstrate to the "tech-heads" who visit the show how the system is generally layed out (You are talking 60,000+ lights, 700 channels, a mix of 3 main control boxes, 200+ channels of DMX, all run from one laptop PC to give animated lighting which plays in time to music). I used a pretty basic Excel diagram last year & probably 200+ people saw it over the month on my iPad or iPhone

3. Workflow diagram to help me visualise what needs to be done before the next part of the display can be started. This is a 10 month project spread out over weekends and days off so a solid "Plan" could easily help me from getting off the rails and running behind like I seem to do every year. If I casn capture screen shots, I might even use them on the website to show how far I have progressed each month, or as I reach certain milestones etc.

4. Ok I'll probably use it at work too, to help design outage plans, but the main uses will be for 1 to 3 above :)

28th January 2011, 01:52 PM

I'm a graduate teacher, currently looking at relief teaching until I find a permanent position. Whilst at times I will be taking my laptop with me to schools, I think having an app such as this would be useful to quickly generate diagrams on the fly that I can share with a class, or for later reference.

I'm planning on getting an iPad later on in the year so I think the extra screen space would really work well with this app.

Cheers, and thanks for sharing!

30th January 2011, 06:25 AM
Thanks Glen and Pixelglow for the great program. I have been on nightshifts, so no real time to play, but I have managed to create a few quick flowcharts on the iPad and it works great. The program is extremely easy to use, but until I spend more time with it I'm not sure how to move items (if thats at all possible) but that is a minor thing.

I'll post more later in the week, but I just got home, and am about to fall face first into the PC if I dont go to bed I think.

31st January 2011, 11:39 AM
OK after a couple of days of playing with Instaviz diagram sketcher I am pretty happy with what it does.

Most simple flowcharts can be created in minutes, even with multiple complex branching, and the layout is almost always very easy to understand.

Different types of boxes, or nodes, are quickly drawn on the screen in the shape you want - circle, square, rectangle, oval & triangle are all quickly made, and colors, rounded edges etc can be added as well. Type your text in the node and thats complete. If you decide to change the shape of a node, you can select it and draw the new shape over the top, but I have found this a little hit and miss - some are easily changed, while other times I found I created a new box on top of the old one - very frustrating at times.

Linking the nodes is just as easy - draw a line between them (in the direction you want the arrow to point) and Instaviz then decides on the best layout of the chart and draws the link. You can then change the connection line type, from single arrow, reverse the arrow direction, a double ended arrow, or no arrow at all, add text and change color, plus other cool features

The only thing is once it decides where an item should be placed, you have no way to move the item to where you want it. While this might not be needed by many, in my attached pic you can see the 3 renards and ledtriks boxes on the left side - these were in order of renard 1, 2 & then 3, then the Ledtriks, but in adding a few other boxes the order was changed. Other than typing in new tag names, there appears no way to re-order the boxes. For most people this wont be an issue, but for me it's an annoying little quirk.

http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/8393/img0015t.png (http://img202.imageshack.us/i/img0015t.png/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)

For anyone who wants to quickly map out a logic process or layout then this program is great, but you really need the iPad's larger screen, as the iPhone does not really have the screen size to get the most out of the program, but it will work on the iPhone in a pinch.

Overall I think it's a good program, and with updates being done regularly, I think this will develop into a program I use more and more as its little quirks get straightened out.