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23rd January 2011, 12:13 PM
I bought an adapter for P/K lens to M4/3 (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Pentax-PK-K-lens-Micro-4-3-Adapter-EP-1-GF1-G1-GH1-/230467833198?pt=Lens_Accessories&hash=item35a8f40d6e) on eBay in early December, and it finally arrived a week ago. Nicely enough made, with reasonable smoothness when mounting and unmounting lenses. Not bad for less than $20.

Tried it out with my 50mm f1.4 first and was a bit disappointed; set the lens to infinity and shot some rainy street scenes in Adelaide. Not very impressive but then I suspected that the adapter might allow focus past infinity, which it did; ah hah!


Bus depot at infinity (I thought) 1/1000 unrecorded aperture.

Below is one of the few shots from Chinatown that is both pleasant to look at and sharp where it matters. But look at the enlarged section below ...


1/640 f2.8 iso 200 (processed Capture One)


Shot some more with the 50 in the backyard late in the arvo. No obvious fringing here.


This one hand-held 1/400 f2.8 iso 100

Another which is more interesting in monochrome, dead bamboo and grass.


Then I decided to strap my elderly Pentax-M 200 f4 on to the GF1 for some backyard testing. All pix were shot wide open at f4 sitting on a Gitzo—wobble central!

1/160 f4 iso 200

And again in mono, processed in C1.


One last 200mm shot, of some grass and a shrub dying off in mid-summer, which again looks better in monochrome. Processed in C1, with dodging in Photoshop to give roundness to some of the leaves.


Next lenses to try: 28–70 Sigma and 100mm F/3.5 Pentax [née Cosina] macro ... May even try my wunnerful 12–24 on the GF1 wide-open (no aperture ring).

Suggest opening pix in a new window rather than in the forum’s viewer—I find it intrusive. ;)


25th January 2011, 03:59 AM
I bought an adapter for P/K lens to M4/3 (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Pentax-PK-K-lens-Micro-4-3-Adapter-EP-1-GF1-G1-GH1-/230467833198?pt=Lens_Accessories&hash=item35a8f40d6e) on eBay in early December,

Nice work. I was wondering what to do with my K mount lenses if ever I abandoned the Pentax ship. I had been wondering how the 35mm macro Ltd and 15mm Ltd would behave... could be promising.