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24th December 2010, 10:26 AM
I've followed the instructions here

mp3fs in OSX | elektronisk.net (http://elektronisk.net/node/11)

To install mp3fs on my iMac (10.6) under MacPorts. It works well and loads a virtual MP3 copy of my FLAC files at the given mount point.

Now I'd like to have this automounted - can anyone help me out?

I've found the following for Ubuntu and tried creating fstab with the line:

mp3fs#/Users/goatcatcher/Music/flac,256 /Users/goatcatcher/Music/mp3 fuse allow_other,ro 0 0

(ie, more-or-less exactly the same settings as used on the command line), but I get an error when I run automount -vc to the effect that it can't find a directory to mount.

I've removed the mp3fs# without luck, and replacing it with file:// which gave a successful mount message, but no sign of the mounted file system.

I know fstab is deprecated, but I couldn't find any parallel examples in the autofs documentation, either.

Any suggestions?