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2nd December 2010, 02:58 PM
A quick cautionary tale;

During a recent house move I managed to scratch the glass panel on my 21.5" late 2009 iMac. I phoned Comp Now in South Melbourne and was quoted $400 to replace it, I checked and double checked with the chap on the phone, confirmed around $400. Bollocks, that's an expensive scratch. I found the part online from the US for US$179 + shipping of US$69, so all up about AU$260. The panel just pops off so an easy fix... just as I was about to pull the trigger I gave mymac in Melbourne a call, they would not supply the part but can fit it for $178!!! That's the price of the part and no charge to fit. Safe to say I ordered and paid for the part.

2nd December 2010, 05:14 PM
Yes, fully agree, it's worth shopping around - this applies to computer repairs, buying a car, or anything else.

There could be many reasons for the differences above.

For starters, in general, an Apple authorised repairer will supply spare parts from Apple where another company may choose to offer a knock-off product. In some cases, there'll be no difference between the two but sometimes that won't be the case.

Additionally, labour charges will vary from business to business depending on many factors including the qualifications of the techs doing the work - it costs money to hire techs who have tertiary and industry qualifications. At the moment, there's no regulation of the computer industry so you don't know if the guy doing the repairs actually knows what they're doing or not. In general, the lower the quote for repairs, the less qualified the repairer.

There's also a range of less tangible factors - does one warrant their repairs where the other doesn't? Does one guarantee that price of repair even if other damage is found where the other is quoting only for that exact repair and any other work will be at an additional charge? Will your warranty be voided as a result of the repair (non-authorised repairer, non-genuine parts, other possibilities)?

Having said all that, I've got no idea who MyMac are and this is not a comment on that business or their skills, experience, qualifications or anything else. This may simply be a case where two businesses who have roughly similar capabilities have arrived at different pricing models.

2nd December 2010, 05:52 PM
mymac are one of the largest Mac retailers in Melbourne. Everything is equal, authorised Mac repair centre, genuine parts from Apple etc.

The labour charges are a non-issue, it takes about 45 seconds to swap the panel.

I believe the issue is that the first guy I spoke to was just guessing at a price to try and get me off of the phone quickly.

More surprising is the cost of the part is almost identical to one from a Mac service centre in the US.