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15th October 2005, 08:16 PM

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum or not - let me know if not.

I am trying to get a Dell A940 multifunction printer working with a Mac (OS X 10.3.9 & 10.4.2). The Dell is just a rebadged Lexmark X5150 but trying to use the Lexmark drivers (Lexmark provides Mac drivers) does not work.

Looks like the problem is due to the fact that the Dell printer has it's own unique Product ID and Vendor ID in the USB info under System Profiler and this is stopping the Lexmark Drivers from working with it (and OS X from letting the Lexmark drivers work with it).

I have discovered while trying to get a USB Wireless dongle to work with OS X on an iBook (the USB dongle used the same chipset as another manufacturer that did have drivers for the Mac but the dongle I was using didn't and couldn't get drivers to work) that there is a way to access the driver package and edit it and change the Product ID and Vendor ID to match the ones on the inserted wireless dongle and all then worked OK - see this link for details of what I am talking about - http://www.mcquitty.net/archives/computers/index.html

I am guessing that a similar thing may be possible to be done with the Lexmark X5150 drivers so as to change the Product ID and Vendor ID to match the Dell IDs and get the drivers to work with the DELL. I cannot figure out, however, where I would do this (the Lexmark drivers are an install app and I don't know where it is putting the relevant files when installing (or even what they would be).

Could anyone advise if what I propose is actually possible and, if so, where I would need to look to find the files for the Lexmark drivers that would have the USB Product ID and Vendor ID in them (I am guessing that driver stuff is stored somewhere common but do not know where).

Any and all help would be appreciated.

(and before anyone asks - the Dell isn't mine - I am trying to get this working for my Brother-in-law who stupidly went out and bought a Dell PC and printer (mostly for his kids for school use) against my advice to get a Mac - I bought the kids a 2nd hand iMac anyway and guess what? - the PC got zapped within 2 weeks with trojans and viruses and the iMac is running strong 5 months later and is the machine that is being used - the PC is a very expensive doorstop! - the brother-in-law won't connect it back up to the internet cause he is now (rightly) afraid (after shelling out $200 for someone to reinstall the machine after I refused to waste time on it anymore to teach him a lesson about how much free support he had been getting but ignoring my warnings about being vigilant and careful (I set it up originally - with appropriate firewall, antivirus etc.))