View Full Version : Random Panther Crashing

27th January 2004, 09:04 PM
Well I've installed 10.3 from a total erase install, and I still get the random freezing problem.
I've checked the memory with the Apple Hardware Tester and it's all fine.
I can't understand what is wrong, I have uploaded the system.log file here (http://www.users.on.net/gunners11/system.log).

The crashes are seemingly random.. once when I was just surfing the forums, another when was just using the finder.

Can someone please help?

27th January 2004, 10:57 PM
get a PC.

edit: ok, i was kidding... :lol:
there's not much i can do to help... RAM would have been what i'd tell you to check.
temperature in the environment it runs in?

can u take it back or something and have the "pros" look at it?

humour edit 2: check these lines of the system log:

Jan 27 21:05:25 localhost kernel: DART enabled
Jan 27 21:05:25 localhost kernel: Local FireWire GUID = 0xa95ff:0xfea5ab90
Jan 27 21:05:25 localhost kernel: RandomFreeze = 1
Jan 27 21:05:25 localhost kernel: Security auditing service present
Jan 27 21:05:25 localhost kernel: BSM auditing present

27th January 2004, 11:29 PM
My first step would be to search existing forums, etc for similar issues had by others - I'm sure you know the ones to look through - I would *especially* look at Apple's own support forums, and perhaps post a message there too, they can be very helpful.

You bought the unit 2nd hand, right? Maybe ask the seller in an appropriate manner whether he might have had any similar issues in the past. Depending on his answer (and assuming he's being honest), you might want to consider what's different with the system now compared to his setup - for example, are you running any additional software that could be causing problems?

Finally, the unit should be under warranty, since the G5 comes with a 12 month warranty and it's certainly not that old yet. You might want to take it into a service centre and have them look at it for you. (a bit of a pain, but you certainly want to kill this problem before it starts costing $$$s).