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30th July 2004, 11:17 PM
I wasn't planning on posting this over here, as I know the majority of you don't use PC's but I figure it can't hurt. I also posted this guide over at OCAU :).

Okay thought I would put together a guide on the method I use to transfer songs from my Windows formatted iPod to other Windows PC's. I know there are plenty of utils out there for this but I found this to be the best, freeware method without having to install programs on to the PC itself. You can just keep this on your iPod and no matter which PC you plug your ipod into you can transfer music from the iPod to the PC.

This method uses the media player Foobar2000 (http://www.foobar2000.org) and the foo_pod plugin for foobar.

Keep in mind if you have any other utilities installed that auto detect the connection of the iPod to the PC you may have to disable them so they don't interrupt. (EG: iTunes)

Step 1.
Download the foobar pack from here (882k) (http://members.ii.net/~u4996a/ipod/ipod.zip). Once downloaded unzip it into a directory on your iPod. For example x:\foobar\

Step 2.
Run x:\foobar\foobar2000.exe and you will be faced with the following screen.


To add your iPod listing to this window click on 'Components' --> 'foo_pod' --> 'Load iPod Songs To The 'iPod' Playlist'


Step 3.
Now you should have an 'iPod' tab and a 'default' tab. Click the iPod tab and you will have a list of all the songs on your iPod. From here you can double click on a song and play it, use CTRL + F to search for a particular title or more importantly copy tracks from the iPod to your PC with correct filenames.

To do this select the tracks/albums you wish to copy the same way you would in any other windows app, IE: CTRL + A will select all songs, drag a selection, hold CTRL and click multiple titles etc. Once you have the songs you want to copy off your iPod selected, right click on one of the ones you have selected and choose 'foo_pod' --> 'save iPod files to disk'


A save dialouge will appear and point it to a directory where you would like to save the albums off the iPod.

Once selected a transfer dialog will appear


Once this finished you can exit foobar and the albums you selected will have been copied to your PC with all filenames and structure in tact.



Foobar combined with foo_pod can do a lot more than this, although this is all I will cover in this brief guide. As far as I can see it is the easiest, most portable and efficient method of copying songs off your iPod onto one of your (or your mates ;) ) computers.

Any questions feel free to ask. Hope this guide helps some of you.


BTW, please don't say anything stupid about how Mac's are better than PC's etc. Frankly I don't care to hear it and I don't want this thread turning into a silly argument about which platform is better. They both have their places. Any such posts will be reported to an admin and hopefully deleted.

Thanks guys.