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9th September 2010, 01:14 PM
I am new to the forums and was wondering if anyone could help me with an ongoing problem with MM for the past few months.
i own my own small business and in the small business i have six mac computers four of which are connected to mobile me.
computer 1 is a 2010 27" intel i5 imac with a 1tb HDD
computer 2 is a early 2010 21.5" intel core2duo imac with a 500gb HDD
computer 3 is a 2010 13" 2.66ghz intel core2duo macbook pro with a 320gb HDD
computer 4 is a late 2008 macbook 2ghz intel core3duo.

The two imacs are connected to net via ethernet and Airport Extreme and the two laptop are connected via Airport Extreme.
the problem that is occurring is that of of the computers will not sync to the diary via MM no matter what i try from what i have been told to do computer 4 will not sync and when you do select sync now it will just permanently spin. Not even my local mac store can fix it.
I was just wondering if anyone could tell what i should do or what im doing wrong.
Cheers tm