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29th July 2004, 12:27 PM
Hey i&#39;ve been looking for a cheap mono laser printer and found the Samsung 1710 &#036;199 RRP, its also the smallest mono laser printer around and its USB&#33; Toners are &#036;100 <-- any other suggestions for mono laser?


Anyways... its says it can do 3000 prints per tonner at 5% coverage... how much is a typical full page docuemnt in coverage? 50%?? does anyone know of a more accurate figure backed up by a link? Cos i would say just by looking at a page all the white areas would be close to 50% but would like a more accurate figure so i can work out if using a normal dye printer is cheaper or not..

Cos i can buy ink refils for the dye printer... but toners you cant.. anyways..

cheers in advance&#33;

29th July 2004, 10:48 PM
that sounds okay.

I have had nothing but great experiences with the latest offerings from Samsung laser printers.

There is another model (escapes my mind atm) 1580 or something, costs around &#036;299-&#036;350 and although alittle larger. offers better quality, better longevity and all that other stuff.

One thing I have found is that the more you spend now, the less you spend later with lasers.


30th July 2004, 10:07 PM
A double-spaced page of text is at least 10% by the figures they use. 5% is something like a half-page letter.

A good tip is, the toner will give you about half the page count of what they quote on average.

30th July 2004, 11:07 PM
Keep in mind that most inkjet&#39;s also quote 5% coverage. So you should be able to work out the value of inkjet vs laser based on the quoted coverage of each.

From when I was working out the differences they laser worked out ever slightly more expensive than the inkjet refills per page.

But then you don&#39;t have to worry about refilling the ink (messy :( ). And then you get the other benefits of faster printing, no smudges after printing and the clearer, more defined output.

The Samsung does seem like a decent unit. Heck even Xerox used to sell the same rebadged unit at the bottom of their lineup. While I am sure it doesn&#39;t compare to their 50k units I would be willing to say it would be better than many other laser&#39;s on the market.

:( I miss working at Xerox

4th August 2004, 12:29 PM
Does anyone actually own a laser printer around here??? How many pages do you get? It costs me &#036;10 for ink each time i refil so if i can get at least 10X the amount of output from a laser compared to a inkjet then im sold...

My debate stems from the consideration of a All-in-one unit instead of a mono laser.. like would like to have an all-in-one unit for scaning and copying etc... but if its going to cost me a fortune in refils.. then i thought i might go the laser way...

basically if the quoted 3000 pages is accurate i would go the laser way 100%, inkjet printers would probablyget 200 pages... so if someone can confirm the 3000pagesclaim, with reference to their own experience that would be great....


4th August 2004, 01:59 PM
I have a Canon LBP3200 (&#036;400 / &#036;500 - I forget). What you have to be careful with is not just the toner but the cartridge. Some cheap lasers come with a cartridge/toner system. The way they work are you replace the toner at &#036;100 a time but every three toners you have to replace the cartridge at some expensive price. I found this out with an oki laser i had. The toner was &#036;50 but every 3 toners I had to replace the cartridge which cost &#036;280 (nearly what the printer cost :( ) Of course if like my canon the cartridge comes with the toner &#036;120 then you don&#39;t have to worry. I ended up chucking the oki laser out because of the cartridge thing.

The canon gives me 3000 pages a toner. They say that it should give you about 2000 pages so at 3000 I am very happy. But no mac support for the canon LBP3200. (about a months printing).

5th August 2004, 11:39 AM
The purpose of splitting the toner and drum is to save you money.

I used to compare the Brother printers with HP and Canon, and the results were like this:

HP or Canon: &#036;140 for 2000 to 2500 pages (toner & drum are all-in-one)
&#036;1008 to &#036;1260 for 18000 pages (that figure will make sense in a minute)

Brother: &#036;89 for 6000 pages (toner) + &#036;249 for a drum every 3 toners.
&#036;526 for 18000 pages.

Bit of a saving, eh? The only downside is, Brother don&#39;t have the best reputation for reliability.

I saw figures for the Canon laser printers (low end range) that showed they have the same economy as their inkjet printers (that use the individual colours). That&#39;s probably because their black cartridges were about 1/3rd of the price of the competition.

Basically though, low-end range laser printers aren&#39;t that economical. A few years ago, I bought an old Lexmark Optra Rx, which has a 7-15000 page toner/drum unit and duplexing. That was far better value overall, but the space it takes up is huge. You can do pretty much the same now, if you have a spare &#036;300-odd and buy an Optra S or T from eBay. But do note, the cartridges are a once-in-a-blue-moon &#036;2-700, but that&#39;s not bad at all for 15,000 pages.

6th August 2004, 07:01 PM
Kyocera printers have a 100,000 page drum. So they claim all you ever need to replace is the toner.


6th August 2004, 08:55 PM
All-in-one machines are based on an existing printer. If you know what cartridges it uses, you will be able to determine the costs for printing.

6th August 2004, 10:41 PM
Hey i&#39;ve been looking for a cheap mono laser printer and found the Samsung 1710 &#036;199 RRP
Where do you guys go for the best prices in computer hardware. I usually shop at Computer World (http://www.cworld.com.au) in Richmond, but looks like you have a cheaper place.
Looking for a laser printer and a set of computer speakers.

7th August 2004, 12:39 AM
Originally posted by Husq@Aug 6 2004, 10:41 PM
Where do you guys go for the best prices in computer hardware. I usually shop at Computer World (http://www.cworld.com.au) in Richmond, but looks like you have a cheaper place.
Looking for a laser printer and a set of computer speakers.
http://www.razorprices.com/ is a good Aussie price search engine.

I typically get most stuff from Umart (http://www.umart.com.au/). They&#39;re generally within &#036;5 of the cheapest places, and they&#39;re on my way home from work. Score :)

Slightly more on topic...I may actually be looking for a networked laser soon. My LaserWriter 12/640PS has been jamming too often lately. I might look at getting the roller&#39;s fixed (I think that&#39;s where the problem lies), but then something else will probably break (and the toner&#39;s starting to run out too).

I can&#39;t really complain though. I got it for free about 18 months ago (with toner), and I&#39;ve probably printed over 1,500 pages of lecture notes and assignments. Not bad for &#036;0. :D

7th August 2004, 10:29 AM
The good thing about network laser printers is, you can buy almost any one and it&#39;ll work in Mac OS X, though Lexmark tend to be the best with drivers (in this case, Postscript description files).

8th August 2004, 03:54 PM
Last I heard about Lexmarks was that the cost of the replacement ink or toner was almost the same as a new printer, in some cases, cheaper to buy a new printer.

Is this still the case? Because some of them look nice, and I am considering getting a laser as well for myself and the business.

Are all those all-in-one things (printer, fax, scanner, copier) things ink or laser or both?


8th August 2004, 07:20 PM
Well, with Lexmarks, they tend to have massive toner cartridges, but with any printer, the ink will cost more than the machine eventually anywhere.

MFC&#39;s can be had as both inkjet and laser.