View Full Version : Incoming & Outgoing emails in Entourage a problem

27th August 2010, 09:46 PM
I'm new to the IMac. Just set everything up last week.
Installed Entourage and have been using this for my email.

I also have a windows PC and this is opened with Outlook at the same time.

I am noticing that not all emails come to my Entourage account as when I go to my Windows PC I see incoming emails to which are not in Entourage.
I've also sent emails out via Entourage and have been informed via the receiver they did not receive my email which only had a small word attachment.

Really appreciate if someone can shed some light here or point me in the right direction.

Very frustrating as I feel like I now have to ensure my windows PC is on in case I miss an email

28th August 2010, 09:21 AM
If I understand your post correctly, you have your PC online at the same time as your new iMac and try to receive mail simultaneously?
I have 3 Macs on my home network and have discovered that Entourage will not work on any two others after the first is online.
Perhaps disconnect Entourage (don't open the application) on your PC and have someone send you a test email with attachments and I believe you will receive the complete email.
I think to have Entourage send and receive on other units through the same network and ISP would require you to set up separate identities on each machine. Perhaps another MacTalker with multi Entourage may be of help with some detail.

28th August 2010, 12:21 PM
Sounds like you're using pop3 and not imap mail. What mail host are you using? Most (except hotmail) off imap now. Imap stores mail on the server, so it is synced.