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25th August 2010, 03:23 PM
Hi Board Members

In Time Machine, is it possible to remove (delete) my former backup job and create a new one?

I backup a section of an ext drive to another ext drive. The folder I backup is called Photo Storage. I wanted to include Soccer Photos to my Photo Storage backup so I dragged the new folder into my target, Photo Storage.

Woke up today to find te result of the backup, it had taken all night. Instead of finding that the Photo Storage folder had been backed up with the Soccer Folder within. It had backed up Photo Storage without the Soccer folder but has also backed up Photo Storage 1 with the Soccer and the rest of the content of the Photo Storage as, the result now contains many dupicates.

It seems like it may be easier to remove the job altogether and setup a new job with the Soccer Photos inside of Photo Storage from the outset.

Trouble is, I don't know how to remove the job and begin from fresh.

Got any ideas? I'd be very grateful.

26th August 2010, 01:12 PM
I rang Apple this morning and they helped me through the problem.

I was instructed to delete all contents from the drive I have been backing up to by using Utilities/Disk Utility, selecting the relevant drive and clicking on the erase control.

Then simply re-setting TM to use the newly erased drive to backup to. Too easy.

I waited for the backup to occur before editing this post and can tell you the procedure was effective.

Hope this helps someone in the future - (it may even help me, cause I'll probably forget, boom boom)